World Tour: The Dominican Republic

[ 0 ] December 17, 2010 |

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Winter hasn’t even officially began yet and temperatures are unusually low in North Carolina.  Consequently, the search is on for a cheap flight to warmer temperatures, foreign languages and most excitedly, new food.  As of right now, the Dominican Republic has my interest.

I have always been attracted to the look, the feel and the food of countries like the Dominican Republic, hence my previous trip to Puerto Rico.  Since the cultures are so similar and I’m only planning a short trip, it will probably be good to visit a place whose food may be semi-familiar to that which I have already tried.  What will make it even better, is the fact that I’ll get the chance to compare two cultures and cuisines that are so similar and yet so different at the same time.  I’ll soon start to go through pictures, think back to my dinners in San Juan and do my research on the go-to places  on the island of DR so that I’ll be able to make relevant comparisons.

While I’m reminiscing, researching and waiting on my United Airlines points to build up, I may try to bring the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico into my own home by hunting down a recipe from each country.  There’s no reason that I should be restricted to soups and hot tea when I can just begin my getaway in my kitchen.

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