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So, here’s the thing.  My best friend has a birthday coming up and while I wish I had enough American Airlines points to get a cheap flight and go celebrate in a much warmer place, I haven’t quite reached that point yet.  Consequently, I’ve been searching for places that will provide the cuisine and environment of a place a bit more exciting than Greensboro, NC.  I’m specifically searching for restaurants that neither I nor my friend have tried.  These are the places that have grabbed my attention the most.

Leblon Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse

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I’m guessing that my friend and his hearty appetite would be pleased at a restaurant that provides a dining experience  that doesn’t end until the guest wants it to end.  Cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken plated tableside, complemented with fried bananas, cheese bread and hot polenta replenished as many times as my heart desires is definitely a big temptation- especially at a reasonably fixed price.


This fairly new and quaint restaurant serves of country cuisine with a few exotic tweaks.  Just at a glance of the menu, I am immediately drawn to the Grilled Apple Mango Porkchops that are served with island red beans and rice and sauteed green beans.  The Savannah Blue Cheese Grilled Salmon Filet marinated in a honey vidalia sauce also sounds like a meal for a memorable birthday dinner.

Zen Sushi and Sake

Lastly, there’s always the sushi option.  Who doesn’t love good sushi and good drinks with even better company?  The environment of the restaurant gives off the big city feel although it is tucked in the middle of downtown Greensboro.

I’m sure whichever restaurant I choose will provide a very good dining experience.  And I’ll definitely make my way to visiting all three at some point or another.  I find it quite difficult to just ignore all that these restaurants seem to have to offer.

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