World Tour: ¡Bienvenido a Puerto Rico!

[ 0 ] August 20, 2010 |

As summer winds down, a few of my friends are already planning a mini fall vacation.  The consensus of the group seems to be a repeat visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico.   It seems like entirely too much time has passed since I lucked up on a cheap flight and spent a week’s time on the beautiful island. 

As I reflect on my experience in Puerto Rico last March, particularly the food, I remember how at home the island’s atmosphere can make you feel- of course being surrounded by a language that I could only understand bits and pieces of was always a reminder that I was far away from home.  My hotel was also a reminder.  It was at this hotel, the San Juan Water and Beach Club, located snugly on the beach with glass doors and ocean-like blue lights, that I was able to enjoy some of the best nachos and guacamole that I have every tasted.  Yes, nachos and guacamole.  The nachos were salted perfectly and the guac was deliciously blended. 

I found that many of the restaurants I came across in San Juan were American and Mexican.  I realize that this was because I was in the “touristy” parts of the island and I’m hoping that this trip back will give me a chance to venture out into the heart of the island and experience arroz con pollo, jibaritos and piononos and other dishes the country has to offer.  I’m hoping that American Airlines comes through again.  I have big plans (and a big appetite) and I’ll definitely need the extra cash 🙂

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