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Thanks to our guest blogger, Mary, for this Thursday’s post. Not only is it informative, it is just in time for our New Years Resolution: Healthier Living! (*Not that this changes on any New Years but somewhere during the year we seem to revert back to unhealthier living, 2010 will be different…we promise.)

“Essential Herbs for Good Health & Beauty”

Everybody seems to be on the quest for more beauty. There are always aspects of ourselves that we don’t really are for or that we would like to improve upon. No matter how beautiful we are, there’s always something else that we want to make better. The concept of health and beauty go hand in hand. If you are healthy and maintain a good clean lifestyle, this is often directly linked to your beauty. To be truly beautiful means that you institute clean living and that you possess both inner and outer beauty. So though people will tend to run to the store and spend a small fortune on beauty products, this doesn’t need to be the answer. You can find some of the best health and beauty secrets contained in some of the very herbs you may have used at some point. There are some herbs that are naturally positioned to help you to achieve the health and beauty that you are after, and knowing this will help you to achieve the results you are after.

Not only is cinnamon delicious and used in many of our favorite dishes, but it has some serious health benefits. Consuming cinnamon on a regular basis can help to keep blood pressure levels at a healthy range. Cinnamon can also be quite helpful in ensuring that you have appropriate glucose levels. Additionally this herb is helpful in awakening the senses, and this translates into a sort of rejuvenation. Just smelling it can make you come alive, and eating it regularly make help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Many of us know of ginseng for the energy that it provides, but the benefits of this herb run much deeper. Ginseng has natural antibacterial properties, and so consuming ginseng helps to clean and clarify the skin and the organs. The result is cleaner healthier looking skin, and a more toned and glowing complexion. This herb also helps to increase circulation, so this can be quite beneficial in ensuring that there are no blockages or toxins throughout the body. This is good for your health and most certainly contributes to a more beautiful appearance.

Green Tea
Though it is helpful in the form of a steaming cup of green tea, it also works equally well as a natural herb. Green tea helps to aid with weight loss and provides oxygen throughout the body in the process. It helps to relieve irritation and stimulates fresh new cells in the skin. This all means that you achieve a healthy complexion, clean and clear pores, and more definition in a toned skin tone. All the while, you’re contributing to a lower cholesterol and weight loss—this is one powerful herb!

If you want to achieve better health and more beauty, and who doesn’t, then turning to these herbs may be of great help. Many of the herbs that we use each day or that have been around for centuries may provide us with the best health and most beauty we’ve ever known.

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