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Last night we took on one of the most interesting dining experiences that JKGF has encountered since its inception. Going in, this would have been the first dining experience where we did not know what to expect. We decided we would go in with an open mind and from the information that we did receive we knew there would be some performing arts and food, of course. What we didn’t know was what we were going to eat and how we were going to be eating…this is where the interesting part comes in.

banished?productions is an inter-disciplinary theatre production company that is dedicated to the recreation of wonder and the re-awakening of the senses. Birthed from the creative minds of Carmen C. Wong, Niell DuVal and Levia C. Lew, banished?productions seeks to inspire the artistic process by playing with text and form in its theatrical experiments. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Futurism, banished? (*And no, the question mark is not a mistake, this is apart of the companies title) will present a seven-course “dinner” entitled a “Tactile Dinner”. Only if you go to the dinner will you fully understand the concept of Futurist eating. Based on the “Father of Futurism”, F.T. Marinetti’s

Futurist Cookbook, the dinner connects food with all five senses and encourages playfulness with food. Playfulness is an understatement.

So we enter the journey here: All the guests are first given jackets that have all kinds of fuzzy, bottle top, frill looking objects lining the sleeves. Then we were told to close our eyes and fill in the “big gray box” and pick the object that most resembles us (*JKGF picked the warm and fuzzy one:-) We were led into a room where we were seated and “gestured” (*Yes, there was no talking at this point) to open our hands to be sprayed with something in a small pink spray bottle (*We found out this was hand sanitizer, which, in our opinion, should be mandatory at all restaurants in the District…). After all of the guests were in, there was a short performance and then we were served a salad (*Made from the local farm, Garner Produce) on a music box which we were told to eat with one hand while using the other to spin the handle on the music box. It gets better…..but you’ll have to go and see for yourself;-)

This should definitely be on your to do list between July 11-19. Why? Because it will be one of the most memorable “dinners” (*The experience is the best part) you can share with your significant other, friend or just someone who lives for a little adventure. By the end of the meal we were laughing out loud at the fact that we had just taken part in this event, but were glad we did. It will remind you of a time you went to see a movie that you thought one thing about it going in but came out with a totally different reaction in the end…one of those situations where you just chuckle at the thought of it.

Go, smell, eat (*This is not really a “for the food” event so put something on the stomach before going), feel and definitely bring with you an open mind. Try with one of your straight-laced buddies, this will definitely loosen them up…;-)

The Where: The Arthur S. Flemming Center, 1426 9th st., NW Washington, D.C. 20001

The When: July 11-19 (*Various show times)

The Money: $15 with a $5 suggested gratuity, Get tickets @ Capital Fringe Festival Box Office @ 607 New York Ave, NW, by phone @ 1-866-811-4111 or @, tickets may also be purchased at the door one hour prior to scheduled performance times. Artist/Student/Senior discounts available email

for more info.

The Metro: Mt. Vernon/Convention Center (Green/Yellow Lines)

They said we would never look at food the same way again, they were right…

Picture source: emile benjamin

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