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Johnna knows and loves good food, but we also love, love, love our health as well. Our health concerns pushed us to do a little research on foods and drinks we should be investing more time in eating these days. JKGF has its usual veggies it loves (i.e. okra, beets and spinach), but after tasting POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice and learning about all the massive health benefits that little bottle contains, we wanted more. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to go far, Men’s Health did an article on this very same issue entitled “The Ten Best Foods You Aren’t Eating”. Well guess who made the list…:

How to get it in your diet? Roasted beet salads are served everywhere now! We wouldn’t be surprised if they start popping up at Mickey D’s soon…
How to get it in your diet? The article made a great suggestion, instead of lettuce on your burgers, use cabbage;-)

How to get it in your diet? There’s all kinds of guava juices to drink out there, but go the natural route and devour the fruit without all the additives.
>Swiss Chard

How to get it in your diet? Serve alongside your meat meals i.e. fish, chicken, steak.

How to get it in your diet? Ohh how can we count the ways…try on top of your latte’s, coffee’s etc.

How to get it in your diet? Good salad alternative.
>Pomegranate Juice

How to get it in your diet? POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice a day will keep the doctor away…this small bottle is all you need to get your dietary needs of pomegranate;-)
>Goji berries

How to get it in your diet? The article suggested plain yogurt or even oatmeal.
>Dried Plums

How to get it in your diet? You can munch on these between a commercial break or grab a couple before you head out the door for work.
>Pumpkin Seeds

How to get it in your diet? Try Gerbs Pumpkin Seeds, they are soo addictive and come in various flavors such as Toasted Onion and Garlic and Roasted Red Pepper.

This list sounds like a bunch of things you don’t have in your pantry?? Run to the store now if this is the case and get these items! They will make your body feel good and allow your body to welcome some junk food from time to time;-)

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