7 Tips For Planning The Perfect Anniversary Dinner

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Anniversaries only come around once a year so they should be truly celebrated. The longer you are married to your spouse, the more you have to be grateful for so why not make your anniversary the most romantic night of the year. I know this seems optimistic but the trick to getting this right and executing your plan perfectly is to make sure that you have planned it all out in great detail. Being prepared is the one way that you can make sure that nothing goes wrong and ruins your evening with your significant other. These seven practical tips will help you to plan a superb evening to celebrate your love.

  1. Table Settings

As much as the dinner portion of the evening is the main attraction, your décor choices will be scrutinized. Please don’t set the bar low on this one, decorations and table settings are easy if you just put in a little bit of effort. Balloons are not necessary but are always an option, to keep things classy and elegant you should just have a few well-placed candles amongst some rose petals. Simple, traditionally romantic décor options always work the best.

  1. Light Appetizers

Keep your choice of appetizers light and simple with healthy, balanced choices. The purpose of an appetizer for your anniversary diner is simply to add to the overall fine-dining experience for your spouse. Use contrasting colors and shapes to impress them, but always choose simple recipes that are easy and quick to put together. The bulk of your effort here should be for the main course and the dessert. Stay away from garlic-heavy options like garlic bread, for obvious reasons – unless you have been married for a long time and that no longer matters to you.

  1. Their Favorite Main Course

When deciding on the perfect main course for your dinner, you should think of your spouse’s most favorite meal and then make that. The fact that you took the time to consider what they would want to eat on your special night will be so appreciated. The internet is full of divine fish recipes that will have their mouths watering in no time; you must balance the recipes skill requirements against your cooking abilities. The last thing you want is to commit to something intensely challenging when you can barely boil an egg. If you doubt your abilities that much, then you should consider having a backup option to pull in at the last minute if everything else goes pear-shaped. Creamy pasta dishes are usually a safe bet but don’t overcook the pasta.

  1. Delicious Dessert

If you are trying to impress your spouse with a fancy dessert, you should ditch the traditional brownies and challenge yourself with a more adventurous recipe choice, like a raspberry souffle. Get your hands on some souffle cups, find a delicious-looking recipe on Pinterest, and get your apron ready. Souffle is not a simple dessert, but if you follow the recipe carefully, you will succeed. A handy tip for making these tricky little puppies is to use a metal bowl and to avoid opening the oven door.

  1. Signature Drink

When crafting a signature drink, don’t complicate things. You should also keep the drink light in alcohol, that way you will both make it to the dinner portion of your anniversary date. Think of a drink that has special meaning to you two, like something you drank on your honeymoon, and then replicate it at home. Signature drinks are not complete without a super cheesy name like a Mint-to-Be Mojito or Love Potion Number 9 – I know this seems lame but lean into it, women love that stuff.

  1. Dancing

Once you have aced the dinner portion of your evening, you can offer your lovely one a special anniversary dance. Clear up a dance area in your living or dining room, set up your Bluetooth speaker and then dim the lights. Slow dancing is the best way to end the evening, especially if it is to your special song. Keep the candles burning for this one; they will provide you with a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.

  1. Clean Up

The last time for you is to clean up afterwards. If you are part of a dynamic duo, then you could perhaps wash up together. If you would prefer to treat your special someone to a relaxing evening, then you should run a hot bubble bath instead so they can loosen up in the tub while you clean the kitchen. These simple tips will help you to make sure you have the best anniversary dinner imaginable.

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