Planning The Perfect Foodie Road Trip

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Road trips continue to be highly popular, and travel experts predict that more people will be driving to beach or mountain resorts all throughout 2021. It’s no wonder that people are taking to the road this year: it’s an inexpensive way to travel, and it enables everyone to sample various food trends and specialties along the way. If you’re enthusiastic about food and you’re planning to go on a long drive with family and friends, here’s how to plan the perfect foodie road trip.

Prepare your vehicle and map out a route

It’s tempting to just jump in a car and drive away without making plans, but for the best experience, you need to select the best vehicle for your trip, and map out a route that will take you to the best eats. Consider the number of people that you’ll be traveling with, and decide on a compact car or SUV; then make sure that it’s in optimum condition for the road. Next, create a route by downloading an app, such as the Road Trip Planner, which has pre-made trip guides from food-oriented travel shows, such as Man vs. Food. You can also watch other travel shows such as Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, or Parts Unknown if you’re traveling to a foreign country, so you’ll have an idea of what foods you need to try. Next, check out ratings on Yelp if you’re undecided about making stops at certain establishments or food stops. If you’re unfamiliar about the cuisine in certain areas, do a quick Google search with queries like “must-eat food in/state/city/country,” then read food blogs about those places, and find reviews on customer review sites. 

Talk to the locals

Make it a point to talk to locals for food recommendations. You can stop locals on the street and ask them for hole-in-the-wall recommendations or the best cafes, diners or restaurants in town. Most taxi drivers also know about hidden gems in their area, and will gladly point you to wherever it is that you need to go. Strike up a conversation whenever you make a stop during your road trip, then make adjustments to your route as you go.

Keep your budget in mind

It’s nice to treat yourself to fancy meals at Michelin-starred restaurants during your road trip. However, keep in mind that some of the best foods can also be found at hawker stands, hole-in-the-wall establishments, and food trucks. To make sure that your road trip doesn’t cause a significant dent in your savings, have dinner at a fancy restaurant whenever you make a stop at a city or town, but have breakfast, lunch and snacks at more affordable places.  

A road trip allows you to find the best local food and have unique dining experiences. Try these tips to plan an amazing foodie road trip that you’ll enjoy with your loved ones. 

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