Things To Know About Different Coffee Types

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Many people cannot start their day off without coffee. Everyone knows a friend who can be really grumpy before taking their first sip in the crack of dawn. It is perfectly normal to feel this way as coffee offers peace and harmony to your body.

There are very different brews and types of coffee that even most of them you will not be able to test in one lifetime. But this does not stop you from trying. There are many different types, some of which you have heard of, but there are some totally unfamiliar to you.

In this article, we will talk about what kinds of coffee are there in the world.

Black coffee

Everyone knows this kind because many countries are drinking this kind of coffee. All it requires is coffee and hot water. Milk does not come with it, nor any other flavors such as cream or honey. Any other addition that is being put into this coffee will change the color into a lighter-brownish, and also, it will change the taste of it.


Everyone is familiar with this, and it is one of the most famous around the world. Its origins come from Italy, and you should know the history of it. While people were going to work, they were often late, wanted to catch the train, and did not have the time to drink their coffee.

Someone came up with the idea of coffee-to-go. They made espresso and opened up a window in their home so people could come and be served. What they did is pay, get their coffee, drink it in one sip, and they are good to go on their job.

This is how espresso became famous in Italy and later worldwide. Anyone can make it nowadays, as it requires you to force high-pressure steam through naturally grounded coffee beans. After this process, the result is a thick product, and on top, it will be creamy with foam.

Because it contains so much caffeine per unit, and it is thick. It is considered a base for other drinks such as the Americano. If you want to get in depth into this, kindly check out the following link for more info


This name you have probably not heard of. It is actually a smaller sample of espresso that is made just like regular espresso. Still, the difference is that you combine it with half the amount of water you use to make a regular one. The taste slightly different, and it contains more caffeine.


As mentioned above, the base for this type is espresso. History says that it was first made during the second world war because American soldiers had to ration the amount of coffee they had at the time. What they did is mix the coffee with a larger amount of how water so they had more to drink.

Long black

This type is like an upgrade to Americano. You can make it by pouring more black beans into it, so it has a much stronger kick. Another thing to note is that you pour a smaller amount of water, keeping the strong kick as it was intended. If it is too strong for you, then feel free to mix it up with more hot water to reduce the strength.

Double espresso

In short, it is called doppio. As the name says, it is a double shot of espresso, and it is often used by people who love espresso but do not want to drink it in one sip. Nowadays, it is considered a regular coffee over the smaller types of espresso.


Cappuccino is one of the similarly famous drinks around the world. It is combined with espresso and milk. However, you do not just pour the milk in, and you are good to go. On the contrary, if you want to make it perfect, what you need is one-third of steamed milk, one-third of foamed milk, and lastly, one-third of espresso. You can serve it hot, iced, creamier, and any other way you want.


A lot of people are not very well informed, thus do not know the difference of tastes. Many people think that Latte or Cappuccino have the same test. Rest assured that they do not contain the same taste.

The biggest difference is that latte contains much more milk, while cappuccino contains more espresso to keep the kick stronger. If you want to just enjoy the drink and do not want your heart to start beating at a fast rate, then drinks with more milk are definitely for you.


There are many other types for you to try on, such as breve, macchiato, latte macchiato, cortado, mocha, Gibraltar, Turkish coffee, etc. When the opportunity is given, you should experiment, and in a worst-case scenario, you will end up not loving it.

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