How to Host a Fabulous Dinner Party

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If you enjoy socializing, then throwing a dinner party is a great way to engage with friends, family, and acquaintances. It’s not only an opportunity to produce some wonderful food but is also the perfect platform for some great discussions and lots of laughter. 

If you want to host a dinner party but aren’t quite sure where to start, read on for lots of hints and tips which should help your night become a huge success.

Organize a table plan

Once you have confirmation of who will be attending, you can start producing a table plan. It isn’t as important if there are only a few people attending, but if you are catering for a decent amount, then it’s probably a wise idea. 

Place like-minded people together, and if you think any personalities may clash, it may benefit you to keep those guests a little further away from each other. Putting name place cards on your table will ensure that everyone follows the seating plan and is also a lovely addition to your table setting. 

Have a mixture of drinks available

It’s quite common at a dinner party to have prosecco or champagne to hand for when your guests arrive. Of course, it all depends on how formal you intend your party to be, but it does provide a nice touch. Most people enjoy a glass of wine (or three) with a meal, so have lots of white or red wine available depending on your guest’s preferences and depending on the food you intend serving. You can find a wealth of information about wine pairing online, which should help if you are struggling to figure out what to buy. 

If you want to liven things up a bit once your meal is over, why not serve up some cocktails. French martinis are usually quite popular, or a Moscow mule is another option that is very simple to make but tastes delicious.  

Serve incredible food

If any part of your dinner party is going to be talked about later, it’s the food, so make sure it is memorable for the right reasons. Find out if your guests have any dietary requirements and plan your menu. If you intend to serve meat, it’s a good idea to place an order with your local butcher in advance, so you don’t have to make any last-minute changes to your menu. 

If cooking isn’t your thing, there are lots of outside caterers that will create the food for you in your home. This will be costly, but it will be far less stressful, and the food is likely to taste incredible.

Create a welcoming ambiance

You have probably spent a lot of time dressing your table and trying to make it look the part, so the general mood of the room should follow suit. Classical music playing at a low volume will help to produce an inviting and relaxing feel to your evening. Dim lighting and candles are another great way to create an ambiance and make guests feel at home. 

Make sure that you have adequate seating for when guests leave the table to sit in a comfier space. The last thing you want is to be rushing around trying to find a few extra chairs or have to ask your guests to stand.


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