Signs That Your Restaurant Has a Pest Problem

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The worst time to find out your restaurant has a pest problem is when the health inspector arrives for an unscheduled visit. After all, they have the power to shut you down, you need to recognize the signs that your restaurant has a pest problem and know when to click here for your local expert. They can help you resolve the issue.

Food Issues

Your food should be stored in containers making it difficult for pests to get to it. However, difficult does not mean impossible. If you or your staff notice that food is scattered around near your food containers, or that any food looks like it has been nibbled, you need to investigate further.

These are signs that you have a pest, the question then becomes how big is the problem?


Perhaps one of the most obvious indications that you have a pest problem is the presence of nests. In general, pests make nests in walls and dark places, they are not generally easy to spot. 

But, if you sit quietly in the restaurant when there is no other activity, you’ll hear the pests in their nests. You may be able to identify where the sound is coming from and locate the nest. You should find out more from your local expert about dealing with these.

Even if you can’t see the nests, you may find shredded paper or similar materials, these are a clue that pests have been making a nest.


Another relatively straightforward sign of a pest problem is droppings. Most pests leave a trail of droppings behind them. In many cases, the excrement can be confused for other things. For example, small cockroaches leave black dots that look like pepper grounds. Mice droppings are cylindrical and more distinctive. 

If you notice droppings anywhere in the restaurant then you must assume you have a pest problem and deal with it accordingly.

Listen To People

Your staff and your customers are more likely to spot the signs of a pest infestation than you are. This is because they are in direct contact with the food and can see the signs. This could be nibbles on the food or a sighting while they are dining.

Take every complaint seriously and you’ll increase your chances of catching an infestation early. Remember, the earlier you know about and deal with the infestation, the easier it is to get rid of it. 

Additional Tip

It’s advisable to have a pest control expert inspect at least annually. They are trained to find signs of pests and deal with the issue. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of you having a pest problem, but it will also show that you take pests seriously. That is excellent for your reputation and staying in business, even if you do end up with a pest problem.

Don’t forget, customers will stop coming as soon as there is even a rumor that you have a pest problem. Don’t let it get that far!

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