List of Essential Cooking Tools You Need in Your Kitchen

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If you have a kitchen in your home or office, you would need the right tools to help with food preparation. When it comes to cooking tools, they are some of the everyday products you would find in the market. Everyone needs food. Even our friendly animal companions rely on these cooking tools to prepare their meals. So, if you are planning a home and looking to design your kitchen space, you should also factor in cooking tools. 

Not sure exactly what to include in your kitchen planning? There are more details in this kitchen resource on everything you need to know about the modern kitchen. You can find a list of all the cooking essentials according to their category below. 

The Different Kitchen Essentials

It’s a long list of things required for food preparation, and it is crucial to get the essentials if you plan to eat at home. Which you should consider doing if you don’t already. Cooking equipment differs according to the purpose they serve in the food preparation process, and while some are not essential, others are a must-have. Below are some of the important culinary tools to own in your kitchen. 

Food Preparation Essentials

These comprise the cooking tools you will need to get your food prepared anytime you are hungry. And it is almost impossible to get anything done in the kitchen without them. They include

  1. Knife/Knives

It will help if you had all the different types if you love to cook all sorts. But some of the essential kitchen knives to own include.

  • Bread Knife 

If you love to enjoy a loaf of freshly oven-baked bread, you surely want to invest in a few quality bread knife. While you can choose sliced bread, some special dough requires the serrated end of a bread knife to slice through them. 

  • Chef’s Knife 

If you only need one knife in your kitchen, it has to be a chef’s knife. They are some versatile options to help with all your cutting, slicing, chopping, and tearing up required to complete your cooking. So you want to take your time when picking from the available lot. You may want to consider stainless steel as it is resistant to rust and durable to withstand the regular wear and tear. 

  • Paring Knife 

The blade on a paring knife is a lot shorter than that of the chefs, making them suitable for when you need some hands-on cutting, like in the case of butchering. 

  • Sharpening Tools

You would also need to keep your knives sharp as they get blunt over time. And for this, you will need to have sharpening tools in your kitchen when they need sharpening. 

  1. Cutting Board 

You would also need a board to help with your cutting. From vegetables and meats to frozen food, they could come in handy during meal preparation. They are inexpensive and available in many different sizes, so finding the right one for your kitchen should be a big deal. 

  1. Can Opener

It may not be as large as the burner or the refrigerator, but this tiny piece of equipment plays a vital role in the kitchen. You can find multiple opener options that can help unscrew canned foods, wines, corkscrews, and jar lids. They are also inexpensive and should be on your list of cooking tools to buy when next you go shopping. 

  1. Whisks

You would need to also get your kitchen a good quality whisk for all your eggs, salad dressing, and food preps where you need to mix ingredients thoroughly. 

  1. Grater

A lot of nuts and seeds will need to be smothered, and rather than use a sledgehammer, a grater can help with your grating needs. It would help if you considered a multi-tool option that can achieve different texture depending on your ingredient and cooking needs. 

  1. Pots and Pans 

You obviously would need to buy some of the best pots and pans for your cooking. You want to be careful of the material, and choose options that are good at heating up quickly if you want your food faster. A Non-stick coating is essential to prevent contamination of your meals and makes the utensil easy to clean. 

You want to get different sizes to cater for different types of cooking. Large pots are best when preparing meals for the family, while a sauté pan is best for sauces. There are more tips here on how to shop for the right pots and pans. 

  1. Mixing Bowls and Spoons 

Mixing bowls and spoons are essential for mixing ingredients and getting your food prepared. 

  1. Measuring Cups and Spoons

These are needed to measure the ingredients used in cooking. While cups are best for liquids, spoons help with solids and fine powder. 

  1. Colander 

This one helps with draining out water from your vegetables and pasta. 

Other Cooking Appliances 

Other appliances play an essential role in getting your food ready, even though you may not use them regularly and they include 

  1. Blenders

You would need one to grind your fruits and vegetables, especially if you love to enjoy smoothies, dips, soups, and sauces regularly. 

  1. Baking Equipment

Baking pans, grills, rolling pin, and many other baking essentials may be necessary if you bake regularly. 

  1. Apron/Gloves 

A lot of heat is dissipated during the food preparation process, and you want to protect yourself from harm as much as possible. Handle hot surfaces with gloves, and use an apron anytime you are in the kitchen to protect your clothing and skin. 

Final Note 

As I said, it’s a long list of things you will need for your cooking. You can check this website for more on kitchen essentials for every home. It helps if you have a budget if you are shopping for a new kitchen. You can always get the key ones first, and get the others later when you are settled. 

Quality products are often more expensive than those made from inferior materials, so you shouldn’t only be interested in the price when shopping for cookware. You should also know that regular maintenance of your culinary tools is crucial if you want your equipment to last long. 

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