Soup Makers – How to Choose the Best One for Your Kitchen?

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Home-made soup is considered to be one of the most comforting dishes, since it has such a delicious taste and warmth, excellent for your wellbeing. However, cooking it requires time that most people lack, as you’re supposed to shop for the ingredients, chop them, wait for them to get cooked and eventually wash all the utensils you’ve used in the process.

Fortunately, nowadays its lovers are provided with the option of purchasing a soup-maker, especially designed for preparing this delicious course. 

In case you’re interested in purchasing one, make sure you take all essential factors into consideration, such as its type, capacity, features, cleaning and many more. 

These are some of the most important ones.

Select a type  

Basically, you can find two types of soup-makers on the market. One is designed solely for making soup while the other is more of a blender, with an extra cooking feature. 

The former one is equipped with a long blade, which provides you with the option of making clear or thick soup, in accordance with your preferences. The ingredients and liquid are heated owing to the heater that is placed on the bottom of the appliance, taking no more than thirty minutes for making your favorite broth or bisque. The only drawback would perhaps be, the inability to witness the cooking process, as this variant is made of metal. 

On the other hand, the soup-making blender is almost identical to the standard blenders, except for its option of cooking the ingredients. When compared to the regular maker, this variant comes in larger dimensions, which is excellent for those homeowners who need to prepare the starter in bigger quantities. 

Also, it gives you an opportunity to follow the cooking procedure, as all models are made of transparent materials. You can even try making it in your regular blender, by following the instructions on this page.

Consider its capacity and size

Capacity is a crucial factor, which you need to determine based on your needs. Most models on the market usually have capacities that range from less than a liter to an amount that exceeds two liters. For instance, in case you live on your own, you’d definitely need one of minimum capacity, making no more than two to three servings. 

However, if you require an appliance, capable of making broth for the whole family, than you would need the one with the biggest capacity, since otherwise you would have to use it a couple of times in order to cook the right quantity. 

Moreover, each soup-maker offers a minimum to maximum capacity, enabling you to prepare less or more quantity than usual, depending on your needs. Anyhow, it’s beneficial to know that numerous models offer no significant difference between their minimum and maximum volume, which isn’t favorable for those homeowners who look for a small-sized model. Therefore, never purchase one until you’ve checked the exact difference. Not all models have small difference, you just have to look for the right one. 

When it comes to size, there’re various sizes of models, suitable for every homeowner’s kitchen. In case your kitchen lacks space for one more big-sized appliance, then you should consider purchasing one of the small-sized models. However, bear in mind that the smaller the size, the smaller the capacity. 

Additional features

A very important additional feature is undoubtedly the sauté option for preparing the ingredients. In fact, the term sauté refers to frying, which means that if the appliance you purchase has this feature, you’ll be able to fry the ingredients before the actual process of making a broth or a bisque. It’s particularly beneficial for frying certain kinds of ingredients like garlic and onion.

Bear in mind that your broth will taste fantastic even if the appliance doesn’t have this additional feature, as frying the food isn’t obligatory. It just makes the taste stronger, which isn’t a preference of all people. 

Furthermore, most models come equipped with a blending feature that enables you to determine the level of thickness. Thus, you’ll be able to choose from the option of cooking clear, medium or chunky liquid. Also, this option can be used for preparing other drinks, such as smoothies. Take a look at some of the models on the following link:, for more details on the additional features. 

Time of cooking

As mentioned above, the whole cooking process won’t take more than a half hour, which is quite reasonable time, compared to the standard procedure. Anyhow, the timeframe largely depends on the power level you’re going to select. The more power it uses, the faster it’ll be ready. 

For example, if you cook the ingredients by selecting the maximum power, your meal will be done in less than ten minutes. However, be prepared for the noise you’ll have to withstand, since more power makes more noise. 

For getting a better result, you are advised to cook the ingredients slowly on minimum power, as your course will end up tasting more delicious than being cooked in a hurry. The fast option is convenient only when you’re being in a hurry and this is the quickest alternative for preparing something to eat.

Consider cleaning

Although this product will save you plenty of time on cooking, it’s also supposed to spare you time when it comes to cleaning. There’s no point in cooking the course in ten minutes if you’re going to spend the same amount of time or even more on cleaning the jug. 

Make sure you pay close attention to the cleaning features of the products in order to purchase one that is easy to get cleaned. Thus, look for variants whose parts can be placed in your dishwasher, without the risk of getting damaged. Also, it’s essential for the product to have a non-stick surface

Wrap up

Purchasing this appliance will provide you with a warm course in a matter of minutes. 

It’s a convenient product for every kitchen! 

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