Five Things I Learned at Broccoli City Festival

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With the tons of festivals popping up these days, it can be difficult to choose just one.  For those living in the D.C. area who can appreciate a good Cardi B lyric or two, Broccoli City Festival should be added to your docket of local festivals to attend.  The energy is young, chill and urban.  The food is a good mix of what you will find in these streets as an urban city dweller.  The fact that Broccoli City chose to collaborate with &Pizza as the official partner in opening the Broccoli Bar is evidence of the festival truly tapping into the cities top progressive food vendors.  Besides checking out the food, I took in the whole experience with hopes of sharing my tips for navigating the scene.  What you should know before you go?

  1. Get there early.  The lines (even the VIP line…) was no fun for those that got there closer to 4 pm.  (*The festival started at noon).  I know fashionably late is a thing but this is not the playground for that if you lack patience.
  2. Sneakers! This is not the time for heels or even thin-soled flats.  There is tons of walking and jumping (if you are feeling up for it on your favorite song).  This is the time to break out your best J’s and shake a tail feather.
  3. Broccolicon.  GO. TO. THIS.  If you have any type of business venture, entrepreneurship or business growth bone in your body, this is the cities best kept secret.  The speakers that are chosen are people that you would rarely have this type of access to in one space.  They are open and share tons of knowledge while allowing for one-on-one conversations at the end of the sessions so you can pick their brain about your next venture.
  4. Come with patience.  The whole day is long even if you go the ultimate VIP route (*Disclaimer:  I only attended on the main day, Saturday).  The walking, lines and lack of knowledge by some of the workers during the event can be frustrating but remember why you came:  eat, chill and be merry!  (*Bring your best pals along, the good company and conversation will distract you from any BS that might arise.)
  5. Pay attention to the lineup, times your favorite artist will hit the stage and what stage they will perform on.  As with most festivals like this, there are multiple stages with performers on at any given moment.  You will want to ask an event attendant for this information once you arrive or check the website before you go.

*Honorable Mention:  Trendy.  If it is the latest trend, you will certainly find it here.  EVERYBODY has on something unique and expressive.  Use this space to get as creative as you want…think Coachella, East Coast style/weather.

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