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Everyone has their own style of cooking, you either like simple cooking, you like trying something new, or you like being completely imaginative and throwing something together and calling it your own recipe. One thing we do know, is that cooking is easy to experiment with. You have the freedom to do what you want without anyone judging you… well maybe your kids will if you put something totally crazy in front of them, but that totally crazy dish might just become the next best thing for them. But for most people, their cooking skills and style doesn’t expand much past your simple dishes, and considering there is so much out there that you could try, we want to try and open the minds of anyone like this. We think there are so many different styles of cooking, you just need to try one of these!

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The Healthy Way

The healthy way is the best way, yet the most ignored way we must admit. But why would you want to cook healthy when it’s just so easy to cook the bad way. It’s easy enough to put your microwave meal in, watch it whizz around, and enjoy it knowing you barely had to lift a finger. But eventually you will get to the point where these start making you ill, and your body is literally crying out for a bit of health. To cook healthy you need to fill your fridge with lean meats, brown pasta and bread, fruit, veg, and some cooking sauces. It’s really not hard to throw together a healthy meal with the simplest of ingredients, and there are plenty of healthy cooking blogs out there, such as this one, that will show you show great recipes. As long as you cut down the number of crisps, chocolate, and anything else you can think of buying that might pile on the pounds, you will experience the healthy way of cooking.

The Fresh Is Best Way

To cook with fresh ingredients is the best, and it largely ties in with the healthy way of cooking. It allows you to taste flavours like never before, and feel like the meals you’re having are full of all of the goodness that you need. If you have a look at websites such as crabdynasty.com, you will see an array of fish food that you can get freshly delivered, but there are plenty of other services that offer such a thing if you’re looking for other ingredients as well. Cooking fresh you also know you aren’t going to be including any harmful chemicals to you diet, like a lot of processed and stored foods have.

The Completely Crazy
Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and be completely crazy with your way of cooking. This means experimenting with flavours and foods that you have never tried before, and seeing what the outcome is. All of the best chefs go through this process and create some of the best meals on the planet, so who knows what you could create.

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