Top Five Cafes In The World That Serve The Best Coffee

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There’s absolutely fun in traveling, especially when you add café shops to the setting.  When was the last time you went to a new place and did not visit one? They’re like part of every traveler’s to-do list. But with the growing number of café shops in the world, it’s almost hard to pinpoint which ones are the best.

Well,luckily for you, we’ve picked the best ones – and are worth visiting. We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff, so the task of giving them a try is solely on you.

Here are five of the best café shops in the world. Keep them in mind.

1. G&B Coffee  Grand Central Market, LA

This café shop is known for serving quality drinks. But perhaps the most interesting is the kind of systems it manages to put up together. It definitely helps the establishment in providing the best customer service possible, not to mention the top-notch drinks they serve. Its best-seller is the espresso, which seems to taste more like a filter coffee.

Of course, there are plenty of drinks to try, particularly the café’s larger extractions. The latter is usually served in a Gibraltar glass, which you could sip at a warm temperature.

2. La Fontaine De Belleville

At first, you wouldn’t think that La Fontaine De Belleville has what it takes to be part of this list. After all, it is known for trying to hold out a traditional retail business before. But hey, it’s not the same thing today. As a matter of fact, this café shop is becoming an industry leader,particularly in the city it’s in. That’s because many of the metro’s finest cafes have started relying on the La Fontaine De Belleville’s beans. And if you actually check Trade craft’s guide to the best coffee beans, you’ll see many references to this establishment.

Moreover, the shop became the first contemporary specialty café to serve in the most romantic city on the planet — Paris. With a sophisticated combination of Parisian atmosphere and classically-styled corner features, it’s where you will fall in love with the vintage charm it offers.

3. The Coffee Collective

This one here is in a very strategic location. Not only is it a few miles from the Copenhagen Airport, but it is also situated in a food market. It is the go-to café shop for every foodie out there.

Once you’re done buying everything you need for your upcoming party, you could just take some time to relax and ship a good cup of coffee at The Coffee Collective. It’s where you will find the world’s most exquisite espresso and coffee.

The shop is also packed with friendly staff, all of whom are very knowledgeable when it comes to the world of coffee beans. Plus, you’ll appreciate each of its beautifully-designed packaging and cafes. Its amiable roasted coffee comes from one of the best coffee farms in the world.

4. Heart Coffee Roasters

Are you looking to taste the best espresso out there? You could always visit Heart Coffee Roasters. Sure, it offers a number of drinks,but people will tell you that their espresso is a must-have. In addition, the shop is fond of serving enormous long shots of espresso, the type that’s placed in a cappuccino cup. If you’re going to say it’s delicious, sorry but that one there is really an understatement.

In fact, people who’ve visited Heart Coffee Roasters would tell you otherwise. There are just no words to describe how awesome their drinks are. It seems sweetness is the name the shop wants to echo. It’s the perfect place to invite your significant other or, if you want, spend some quality time with your team.

5. Tim Wendelboe

This café shop is where details matter – and each of them is carefully considered. From the design to the packaging to the way the staff servers, each comes with perfection.

Tim Wendelboe is like a Nordic coffee triumphalism, a place where you want to visit in order to find out what’s all the fuss about. Not only is the café shop the finest when it comes to serving coffee and espresso,but it’s also the home of the best coffee desserts.

It has this vintage blender that seems to be the reason behind its popularity. It helps in providing a delightfully fluffy texture. And with each sip of its espresso – or any drink you want to order – you will feel refreshed and refined.


Finding a cafe that serves the best coffee can be both fun and challenging. With all the choices out there, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t hesitate to try cafes that you might find interesting. After all, you’ll never know which one is the best if you haven’t tried it firsthand.

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