Stainless Steel Blades or a Damascus Blade: Which Wins the Brownie Points?

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There are various kinds of metals that can be used to create knives, swords, axes and tomahawks! So, it is obvious that a battle is going on. Between what, you ask? Well, the battle between the major types of materials used to create the blades. Today we are going to make it clear for you, which one wins the battle, stainless steel or Damascus steel?

Damascus kitchen knives from Perkin Knives is a razor-sharp option, but do not underestimate the stainless-steel blades as well! Oh, the debate will never stop! So, we have come out to help you understand the pros and cons of each kind of blade. Hopefully, this will reduce the chances of having doubtful thoughts about which blade to choose.

Which Blade wins the Debate: Stainless or Damascus Steel?

If you look at knife blades, you will find a laundry list of metals! We are not even talking about the non-metal blades, like bone. Now, there are two metals that are quite popular. They are the stainless steel and Damascus steel. The pros and cons of each type of metal include:

  1.       Stainless Steel: This metal is known for its anti-corrosive properties. It is also known to resist rusting! There are many types of stainless steel alloys depending on the ratio of the metals used to form the alloy. The features of stainless steel will help you decide on what is the strength and weakness of this metal. They are as follows:

o   Durable: The blades are quite tough and do not rust or corrode easily. On top of that, stainless steel does not chip or stain too easily. All of these factors make this kind of metal quite durable! A durable blade is always the best choice for survival and hunting knives.

o   Preservation of Flavours: Whether you are using a kitchen knife or a survival knife, you may need to cut food items like meat! You will need to cut, chop and slice with stainless steel knives. If the metallic taste of the knife leaches out into the food, we can guarantee the food will not be too tasty. With stainless steel knives, you need not worry about such issues!

o   Recycling: Stainless steel can be easily recycled into new knives or used for other industries that may need stainless steel. So, instead of the knife landing up in garbage, which can harm Mother Nature and animals that forage through garbage, you help both!

o   Sharpening: This is a huge disadvantage of stainless steel knives! The knife is a bit difficult to sharpen. You will need to carry high grade sharpening devices. So, these need to be carried everywhere you take your knives.

  1.       Damascus steel: The method of forging this metal is unique, forming distinctive looking metal! Many professional chefs and survivalists prefer the Damascus steel knives in comparison to the stainless steel. The features will tell you all about these knives:

o   Sharpness: You will never be able to find another metal blade that is so sharp! A stainless steel knife may come close (with a lot of expert sharpening), but will never be able to compete with Damascus steel. This makes it the best option for precision cuts!  

o   Cost-Effective: The price of Damascus steel knives is always more affordable and becomes the cost-effective option among the two. The main reason for that is the factor that they need to be sharpened after long intervals. A blade that is sharpened less often also lasts for a longer time!

o   Hardy: This should not come as a surprise! The Damascus steel knives are definitely harder than the stainless steel knives. Some may say that the Damascus rusts more easily then the stainless steel variety. But, modern techniques can be used for maintenance of the blade, which makes it last much longer.

As you can see for yourself, each kind of blade has its fair share of perks and disadvantages. So, you have to decide for yourself! If you have doubts, talk to the knife experts at the store you choose. They will guide you towards the right knife blade, depending on your preferences and requirements. Choose the metal that can last longer and provide the best cuts!


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