Healthier Alternatives To Those Bad-For-You Foods And Drinks

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You know, and we know that there are foods that are simply bad for us! And yet we still fall prey to temptation. Those unhealthy choices are terrible for our calorie intake and overall health, but you have to admit it, they sure do taste good! If only green beans were as attractive as potato chips!

Now, the occasional treat is okay. Having a bar of chocolate or an ice cream on an irregular basis won’t jeopardise your health unless you are prone to addictive tendencies. However, there are tasty alternatives to your ‘sinful’ indulgences. We will look at some of them in this article, helping you make healthy lifestyle changes today. Have a look, and consider putting a few of the following items in your shopping basket the next time you visit the supermarket.

Replace milk or white chocolate with dark chocolate. While not as sweet as the sugary alternative, dark chocolate is perfect for those who need their chocolate fix, as it is far more nutritious. Experts suggest dark chocolate can also reduce the risk of heart disease, improve your cognitive ability, and lower your blood pressure. If you’re a chocoholic, you now don’t need to feel guilty should you choose to indulge in this healthier alternative.

Replace ice cream with frozen yogurt. No matter how good ice cream tastes, it basically consists of sugar and fat. By going for frozen yogurt, you can have something that tastes just as good, but that is a lot better for you. You can find out why here. Still, while this healthier treat does have health benefits, it is still fairly high in calories. Therefore, pair the yogurt up with other healthy food choices, such as fruit or cereal, to further promote better health in your diet.

Replace fatty burgers with a tasty and healthy burger. You don’t need to forsake a burger at your summer gathering, but you can put something else on the barbecue. Rather than a standard beef burger, there are tastier alternatives that won’t ruin your figure. From Mediterranean veggie burgers to spicy chicken burgers, check out this list of burger recipes, allowing you to indulge with a healthier meal, even if your friends do still insist on the fattier extravagances of a summer barbecue.

Replace sweets with foods that can help you fight your sugar cravings. So, while a bag of sugary sweets will satisfy your cravings, there are still sweeter alternatives that are both better for your teeth and your calorie intake. Certain types of fruit are particularly sweet, such as mangoes and grapes. There are healthier options to your favourite snack bars at your local health store. And then look for those sweet treats that are sugar-free, from chocolate to chewing gum, which are better equipped to preserve your health.

Replace fizzy drinks with a smoothie. On a hot day, a fizzy drink can really hit the sweet spot, giving you a quick burst of sugar-infused energy while quenching your thirst. They aren’t so great for your health, however. A fruit smoothie, on the other hand, will satisfy your thirst, manage your sweet cravings, and give you more energy throughout the day. Take a look at the tasty smoothie recipes here, and buy yourself a blender to give you the means to create this better-for-you alternative to fizzy sodas.

What do you think? Could you change your food and drink habits with these healthier alternatives? The answer is yes; provided you have the willpower to avoid temptation. Let us know your thoughts, and if there are alternatives that we haven’t mentioned, be sure to share your ideas with us.

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