Is Lebanese Food Healthy?

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There is no doubt that we live in a multicultural society. Stroll into your local city and take a look round. You’ll see a huge variety of food on offer, Australian, American, English, Indian, Chinese, even Lebanese!

While some of these foods are acquired tastes all of them need to be scrutinized to see if they are healthy or not. This is especially relevant at the start of a New Year when so many people are concerned with weight and diets!

What Is Lebanese Food?

Lebanese food originates from Lebanon. The dishes focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fresh sea food. Meat is generally confined to poultry while lamb and goat often make an appearance.

The food is traditionally cooked in olive oil and garlic, adding a distinct flavor to every dish. Lemon juice is also a common addition and chickpeas.

One of the most common ways of cooking Lebanese food is by sautéing the food in plenty of olive oil. The vegetables are generally raw and butter or cream is extremely rare.

You can experience genuine Lebanese food in a Middle Eastern restaurant. It is worth trying at least once in your lifetime.

Is This A Healthy Choice?

You might be surprised to learn that it is actually a very healthy choice for your meal! There are several reasons why this is the case:


The Lebanese insist n using local ingredients which are fresh. This means the dishes you will be offered will be dependent on the current season and what vegetables are available.

This freshness will ensure you have the maximum nutrient from every bite.


Lebanese food is not generally hot but it does use an array of spices to create a mouthwatering flavor every time. As there are no sauces involved in the cooking the amount of fat is minimal and natural; making the food delicious and extremely healthy.

Olive Oil

As you have already read, olive oil is used extensively, but butter and cream are not.

Olive oil has been shown to reduce cholesterol and help to control blood sugar levels. This reduces insulin sensitivity and reduces the likelihood of contracting diabetes! It is even known to boost your heart health.


You won’t often find potatoes or starchy food in the traditional Lebanese offering. Rice or lentils are the default choice and these have very little starch. This is god for your digestive system!


Lab or even goat is generally considered to be one of the healthiest meats you can get. It is high in protein, zinc, vitamin B12 and a host of other useful nutrients.

This is a good meat choice!

You’ll even be pleased to know there are a huge array of vegetarian dishes which offer the same health benefits while respecting your eating choices.


In short Lebanese food is extremely healthy and surprisingly delicious. Once you’ve sampled it you’ll want to go back for more. The fact that it will help reach your weight loss and health goals is simply a bonus!


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