Creative Ways to Optimize Space in Your Kitchen

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We all have that ideal kitchen in mind, with modern sensibilities or a vintage, Betty Crocker feel. Regardless of how you envision the perfect kitchen space, storage space is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. Whether or not you have the funds for a complete storage renovation, there are plenty of creative options for storage in the kitchen.

Create More Space

Kitchen organization does not have to be complicated. There are great options that stack together and take up little space on shelves or in the pantry. For dried foods such as rice or cereal, use tightly sealed plastic containers. Use classic wicker baskets with tea towels tucked in to store potatoes and onions (but separately, of course) in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Not everyone has a pantry in their kitchen, or even enough cabinet space. However, there are cheaper options that may just sound ridiculous to you: bookshelves. Supplemental space created with standing shelves can really help families make the most of a small kitchen.

Slide Out Storage

Speaking of making the most of a small kitchen, slide out storage options are even better than standing shelves – and well-hidden. Add a few slide-out baskets under the cabinets to store potatoes, vegetables, and food that does not need to be refrigerated. This new addition is as simple as removing the cabinet door and installing the necessary hardware.

It is only too easy to lose food in a busy and crowded pantry. However, while slide out pantries are a bit more work, they help you keep important food staples where you can find them. More than food, store pots, pans, cleaning supplies and even your kitchen’s trash bin stay out of the way to help your kitchen maintain a clean, consistent look.

Hangin’ Around

When you have little storage space in your kitchen, there is more to be done than thin, standing shelves and hidden pantry space. Use shelving up above, as well as magnetic stripping to keep knives out of children’s hands and hooks for pots and pans. Shelves are also a great place to store staples such as sugar, salt, and other spices that you use often. When stored in clear containers, it becomes more obvious that you are running out of the essentials and need to run to the store.

Labels Everywhere

Other than installing a cleverly placed pantry or keen shelf space, use mason jars and other cute, vintage containers to store sugar, flour, coffee, and more. Label these jars with simple chalkboard tape or other reusable labels, and keep your pantry stocked with not only essentials, but all your family’s favorites. With simple storage solutions such as those at Kitchenall, reusable labels can be placed on any container in your kitchen.

Sometimes, the truest joy of the kitchen is finding your own personal taste and style. The kitchen can be the center of your home, filled with warmth and healthy food to bring the entire family to a positive and loving place. With plenty of storage space for the essentials in your home and kitchen, you can truly make the kitchen the center of your health and life.


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