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Tessemae is one of those products that was created to make your life easier.  Think semi-homemade but really homemade.  Make sense?  Probably not but here is how I look at a product like Tessemae in my cupboard:  10 minute dinner fix.  There are those days were turning into Chef de Cuisine sounds appealing and then there are those days where simple assembly line cooking is absolutely necessary.  Tessemae fits into my assembly line days where the product takes on the role of a possible dressing, marinade or dip.


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I like how products like Tessemae are taking over the condiment scene these days.  Tessemae boasts natural, homemade, handcrafted products that you can buy off the grocery shelf.  I found the product to be light with the slightest hint of flavor labeled on the bottles.  The lemon garlic, for example, is extremely light in dressing and you could miss the flavors labeled on the bottle if you are not conscientious of what you should take away from the experience.

Some of Tessemae’s products work better as salad dressing versus marinades such as the Lemon Garlic and Green Goddess.  The Honey Mustard and Soy Ginger should be used as a marinade on your favorite salmon (see recipe below).  You should also consider using the products for dipping sauces alongside your favorite breads instead of sticking to plain olive oil.  Tessemae has so many uses, this post could go on for days on how to incorporate it into every dish.  We use it as our quick fix, how would you use it?

Find it at Safeway, Whole Foods and Costco’s around the D.C. area.

Johnna’s Monday Night Salmon

1 lb. Salmon

4 tbsp. Tessemae’s Honey Mustard

2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Ground Black Pepper (to taste)

Garlic Powder (to taste)

Dash of Cumin

Directions:  Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  In a baking dish, lay salmon skin side up and brush with 1 tbsp. olive oil.  Add about 1 tsp. of salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Add dash of cumin.  Spread on 1 tbsp. of Tessemae’s Honey Mustard.  Flip fish over and repeat the above steps.  Bake in oven for 25-30 minutes checking on it at around 25 minutes to ensure that it is not overcooked.  Add on remaining Tessemae Honey Mustard (1 tbsp.) on each side.  Bake 5 minutes longer and remove from oven.  Serve.

*Johnna’s Tip:  I am the salmon queen these days!  I cook it almost every Monday, which is an absolute shocker coming from a person who could not stand the fish a year ago.  I have found ways to make it work.  Tessemae helps to dress it up in an easy way and adds just enough flavor not to overpower salmon’s main attributes.  Pair with a green veggie like Broccoleaf and/or roasted Brussel sprouts.


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