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With the fall comes a host of parties and events. Halloween, Thanksgiving, football season and the list goes on and on… With a new fall season, there must be new ideas and new ways to celebrate, which is why I compiled a list of the top five ways to host your next party or give your next gift. Upgraded and revamped from the tired party wings and cold pizza, let’s make give this fall a face-lift:

1. After visiting one of their tastings this summer, Spilled Milk gave me a new appreciation for the cocktail party. Typically when I hear the words “cocktail party” I immediately think this will be more about my cute black number hiding in my closet versus the stale crackers and boring cheese that will most likely be served throughout the night. Spilled Milk has revised the typical cocktail party with Indian Spiced Lamb lollipops, Curried Crab served on Watermelon skewers and Mint Chocolate Whoopie Pies (*desserts by Whisked!). So long to attire taking over the cocktail party, the food is taking over the show.

2. Host a Toast. The logo of this new company says it all: When staying in means the perfect night out. Basically, you can host a wine tasting, cocktail tasting, etc. right in your living room. As the temperatures turn from warm to cool, this could be more appealing rather than trying to venture outdoors to a vineyard. *Love* these packages: there’s a Johnnie Walker package, Parisian Nights with Grand Marnier and Bubbles & Sushi with Veuve Clicquot, just to name a few.

3. I think it was when Derrick, of Impressions Caterers, told me about their Collard Green Wontons that I officially coined this company the Urban Outfitters of the catering world, always outside the box. I love it. The thing I like most about Impressions Caterers is they are not afraid to play with food. You will not find dried chicken fingers or cheese and crackers here but you will find mini veggie quiches and mini grilled cheeses on marble rye & pumpernickel with Gouda and caramelized veggies.

4. I’m a fan of cheese and crackers…when it’s done right. The Cheese Course is the way to do it. With private events ranging from 6-100 guests, you can host a nice shindig in the comforts of your home or for the office party.

5. For those events that will arise this fall: new homeowners, new parents, weddings etc. Why not try something new and instead of splurging on that expensive cappuccino maker they will never use, how about a private chef for a couple of days?? When a friend forwarded Culinary Jones over to me, I thought what could I use a personal chef for?? *Light bulb* This is an awesome present for someone living in the area especially with some sort of new beginning. It not only makes you feel like royalty but it adds more ease to your new transition by filling your belly with foods prepared just for you.

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