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On Friday, I think I’m almost afraid to walk outside my house. Why? Well, this city will look like a ghost town as the whole city (*no, world…) gathers around the television for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The last time this much energy was built up over a sports event was…honestly, I cannot think of a time when there was this much anticipation. I love a good sports battle and if you do to, then this Friday begins the ultimate battle that effects not just America but every region of the world. Unlike the Super Bowl or the NBA Playoffs, the World Cup brings out so many different cultures that even if you do not like the sport you have to respect the diversity.

Rumor has it (*it’s a rumor for me because I have not checked a schedule…) that some of the matches begin on Saturday @ 7 in the morning. This. Must. Be. Serious. There are actually restaurants and parties that begin at 7 am on Saturday…and they include alcohol. Again, I’m almost afraid to leave my house on Saturday night based on the fact that alcohol consumption will begin for a large majority of the District @ 7 am…Not to say I will not participate, which is how we came to today’s post: Where to Go and Enjoy the World Cup in the District…

1. Dukem– Broadcasting games everyday from 10 am from June 11- July 11, 2010. 6-screens, 10 ft. projector and a half-dozen African beers.

2. Cafe Citron opens its doors @ 7 am from June 11- July 11, 2010. Projection on screens and specials on beer.

3. Againn is holding their celebration on June 12, 2010 @ 2:30 pm with Bangers vs. Burgers when the U.S. goes up against England.

4. Evening Star Cafe will kick things off on Saturday, June 12, 2010 opening its bar @ 10 am for the games.

5. Summers in Arlington, VA will have plenty of TV’s for patrons viewing pleasure (*60 HDTV’s). The festivities begin June 11- July 11, 2010 with $3.50 Italian beer specials.

Plenty to do, plenty to see and be seen…now I need to figure out what team I’m going to root for, this could determine whether I receive the evil eye from June 11- July 11, 2010 or a whole bunch of high fives…

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