Guest Post: The Lazy Man’s Way to Start the Mediterranean Diet

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Of our Top Five favorite cuisines, Mediterranean is definitely apart of the team. Robust, seasonal flavors that tantalize all of our senses. We were reminded of our passion for the cuisine when one of our Illinois readers provided some helpful information regarding the Mediterranean diet. We welcome info like this with open arms especially when it involves red wine and olive oil (*two of our favorite cooking ingredients). Eva, of the Mediterranean Diet Blog, provides our newest guest post “The Lazy Man’s Way to Start the Mediterranean Diet”. Check it:

a) It is widely known that the Mediterranean diet has high fat content. Is weight loss still possible if people will follow this kind of diet?

While the Mediterranean diet is high in fat, it is high in the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated healthy fats, in contrast to diets that are rich in saturated fat. It is not the fat content that will determine weight loss on the Mediterranean diet. People who wish to follow the Mediterranean diet may experience other health benefits but still not lose weight if they do not lower their caloric intake.

b) What makes the Mediterranean diet different from the American diet?

Americans consume high numbers of red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy, while the Mediterranean includes very little. The diet also differs from the typical American diet through its dependence on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olive oil, beans, breads, cereals, and potatoes.

c) What is the effect of the Mediterranean diet in lowering the incidence of heart disease?

The Mediterranean diet plays a crucial role in lowering cases of heart diseases. Based on established research, this diet promotes a holistic approach so that you can have a healthier body.

d) Does regular exercise has a place in the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle?

Exercise plays an important role for the Mediterranean diet. When this diet was developed, the people of the Mediterranean were already a big fan of exercise and physical activities. This is the basis why the Mediterranean diet includes regular exercise in its overall program. Essentially, a daily one-hour walk is needed. You should also perform full body exercises once a week.

e) Is there a difference between a Low Carb Diet and the Mediterranean Diet?

There is a sea of differences between these two diets. With the Mediterranean diet, your protein consumption would be lower. Normally, you will get 15% of your calorie consumption from the protein content of a Mediterranean diet.

f) Wine is a regular feature of the Mediterranean diet. Is there a recommended amount for wine consumption each day?

Men should generally get 5% calories from wine while women should consume 2.5% calories. As a rule, always drink wine in low to moderate amounts daily to enjoy the best results.

g) Final word of advice

The Mediterranean diet is a good program that can help you achieve good health. This type of diet can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. The key is to eat foods that are rich in Omega 3 and combine these with root crops, vegetable, fruits, breads, and cereals.

*About the Author- Eva writes for Mediterranean Diet Foods, her personal hobby blog focused on tips to eating healthy the Mediterranean way.

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  1. TJ says:

    So where does the “Lazy man’s way to start the diet” come in?

    All that’s posted here is the same stuff everywhere on the internet.

    I need actual advice as a lazy man to start the diet.

    Should I just go to the grocery store and pick up trail mix and wine? Are there any good Mediterranean diet menu items at fast food restaurants?

    Change the title to “The basics of the Mediterranean Diet that you can learn literally anywhere else”

  2. Johnna says:

    Thanks for the feedback!! Duly noted.

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