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New product alert: AMP Energy Juice. We had the pleasure of receiving a nice little nifty package of the Mixed Berry and Orange flavors. After passing by the sneaker-sized box holding the juices a few times, we grabbed a bottle on the way to work. Delightfully surprised. Now we are not much for the “energy” drink craze, but the the Mixed Berry threw us for a loop. Our curiosity was on full blast so naturally we cracked open the Orange as soon as we got home. Delightful surprise #2.

Between the two, we prefer the Mixed Berry. It has a grapefruit flavor that seems to subtly dominate the drink but not in a way that you think you’re drinking actual grapefruit juice. The rest of the mixed fruity flavors complement the grapefruit but allow the bitter flavor to shine. The Orange is not chopped liver, but it does remind us of something we have tasted. Orange Citrus with a kick in sweet flavor is the best way to describe it. The real draw did not only come from the actual taste but when we read through the product info, we discovered there is no added sugar (*good stuff. It is beach bod season, time to get serious…) and contains the Vitamin B and C that we need in our daily diet. Yum.

Now for the Giveaway:
Luckily we were able to snag an opportunity for our readers to try the new drink (*Product was introduced in February 2010…we know we are late, but bear with us, we are working on some more awesome innovations for JKGF…)… Send us your best fruity cocktail recipes and the one that we think matches best with an AMP Energy Juice flavor wins an “AMP UP” prize pack filled with AMP Energy Juice goodies. Deadline is April 23, 2010 and please send submissions to Below is our try at the challenge, tell us what you think!

AMP Me Up Spritzer

12 oz. bottle of AMP Mixed Berry Energy Juice
12 oz. bottle of soda water
Sugar (Optional)
1 (16 oz.) package of Frozen Mixed Berries

In a medium sized pitcher, add in the AMP Mixed Berry Energy Juice and the bottle of soda water. Add in about 2-3 tbsp. sugar if you think that the soda water has taken too much of the sweetness from the drink. Add in the Frozen Mixed Berries just before serving and Enjoy!

*Johnna’s tip: Now this recipe is totally off the top of our dome (*Translation: off the top of our head) so please adjust as you see fit and send us your suggestions…we love new twists and turns on our recipes. Cheers to energy!

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