Etiquette Tuesday: Spit It Out

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This week’s Etiquette Tip is speaking the obvious: No spitting the food back into your napkin! We did not think we needed to say this until we went out with someone above the age of five and they spit food back into their napkin in a public setting. Let us start by saying food that tastes bad is less than appealing and probably looks better on an old napkin than on your palate. This does not, however, give anyone room to spit the food out. Some people cannot stand the taste of certain things but spitting it out is not the right approach…well, that is, in front of people.

There is always an exception to a rule and here that exception is when you are alone. When you are alone, do what you please. When in the company of others, just suck it up. What’s the worst that could happen?? You could have a terrible aftertaste?? You will make the worst frown face?? The last and most important question to consider before doing the unthinkable at a posh dinner party is: Would it kill you or make you uncontrollably sick?? If the answer is no, suck it up and find away to wash out or disguise the terrible taste immediately. If the answer is yes, kindly keep you mouth shut, move away from the group and discreetly swipe the food out of your mouth with a napkin.

Discretion is really the key here. We understand some tastes deserve to be spit out before they even enter the body but it is called couth. Couth (*as it is applied here) is maintaining a mature and cultured perspective when entering any situation that involves strangers in formal settings. Remember you do not have to take another bite…but can you just take this one for the team??…

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