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New Years is just two days away…we feel like screaming! Are we prepared? Are all our resolutions in order? Have we cleaned out our whole house and made a huge pot of black eyed peas for good luck in the New Year?? So many questions to be answered on the brink of the change from 2009 to 2010. New decade, new ideas and of course, new restaurants, which brings us to our first order of business:

>Ping Pong Dim Sum is now open. We told you about this spot two weeks ago when it first cracked the doors open but wanted to reiterate the fact that Chinatown has something new and it actually serves Asian food! It’s always funny when tourist come to Chinatown expecting these massive amounts of good Chinese restaurants, only to find a few good staples and the rest are your everyday carry out. Ping Pong Dim Sum is the total opposite of most of the other Asian restaurants in the area…the decor is super sleek and the food is creative and innovative without all the greasiness. Not only is it new to the District, this is the first Ping Pong Dim Sum in the United States (*Yaay for D.C. being the first!). New restaurant, New Year.

The Where: 900 7th. St., NW Washington, DC (202) 506-3740

>New Years would not be complete without the sound of champagne bottles being popped. Social is ensuring you don’t miss the bottle popping with a NYE party offering a full dining menu and three complimentary toasts. Three complimentary toasts?? @ 10 pm, there will be flights of Xingu (*Brazilian beer) to toast in Rio de Janeiro’s New Year; @ 11 pm they bring out the Rum Punch to toast in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s New Year; and @ midnight the Districts New Year is welcomed in with a champagne toast. Why we are telling you two days before about this?? Well for those of us who are on the absolute last minute NYE planning tip this year, Social is making it accomodating for you. No reservations have/will be taken and there’s no prix fixe menu. Good idea. Who needs to bring in the New Year already worried about such things?!?

The Where: 1400 Meridian Pl. NW (*@ 14th St) Washington, DC 20010 (202) 797-1100
Something Extra: All that attend will recieve a 50% off gift coupon for New Years Day Brunch

>Sustainable foods. A few weeks ago our “Top Five Wednesday” highlighted the top menu trends in the food world. We would be remiss if we forgot to mention sustainable foods, so we are adding it as an honorable mention. The new millineum ushered in new eating habits i.e. no more fatty foods, no fried foods, no more red meat, everything must be healthy! Now with a new decade beginning, iPhone users and the like will always be in the loop on sustainable foods.

What are we ranting about?? Well the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s popular Seafood Watch guides (*including the sushi guide) are now available on the iPhone, iPod Touch or mobile devices with internet connection. The app allows you to make sustainable seafood choices quickly and easily whether you’re in a restaurant or the market. The guide allows you to view good fish options and will tell you whether they’re overfished or contain contaminents like mercury. Real cool. Santa was good to us and brought us a iPod Touch for Christmas so we have downloaded every app under the sun. The Seafood Watch guide will not be any exception, wonder if it will work on our next trip to Balducci’s??

>Food Blogger’s Unite! Reason number 2010 that we love the District: the area food bloggers. The District has the best group of food bloggers, we really do some fun activities together all for the love of food. To some, talks about self rising dough and the new Kitchen Aid appliances would be super boring but for a food blogger, this is the conversation that you want and probably should have at least once a month. Keeping in line with our usual routine of getting together and if you’re a fellow foodie/food blogger please come out to the DC Food Blogger Potluck. Please bring a dish or drink to share. Thanks to Gradually Greener, Modern Domestic, The Arugula Files, Capital Spice, Capital Cooking, Dining in DC, We Love DC and Beerspotter for organizing this event. Now what should JKGF make??…

The Where: Union Row, 2125 14th St., NW Washington, DC
The When: January 6, 2009, 6:30 pm-9 pm

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