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You know how everywhere you turn nowadays you see a woman wearing a pair of skinny jeans or a guy wearing a blazer with jeans?? Trends. That’s what these are, just trends. Well, the food industry is no different. Though our trends don’t involve names like Louboutin or Giuseppe, they are nonetheless trends in the restaurant world. By trends we mean restaurants tend to follow one another, especially the new ones, in their menu options. Today’s “Top Five” focuses on the top menu items of the moment. Now we like when a new trend enters the food market, it gives us a bit of a chase in trying to determine a winner (*We know, we have too much time on our hands…). Now that the District is closing and opening some doors on new establishments, this is the prime season for new and innovative ideas that are taking over the dining scene. Here’s our picks on the best of what’s “trending”:

1. Deviled eggs: Who would’ve thought the top baby shower finger-food would now grace the menus of some of the areas most acclaimed restaurants?? Vidalia and Commonwealth Gastropub are just a couple of places that have played with the concept…

2. Brussel Sprouts w/ Bacon: Love, love, love this trend! Not one bit of it except the brussel sprouts seems good for our diet but it will be our guilty pleasure of the moment…Policy and newbie Againn (*pronounced A-g-uin) have made this one of their staple side dishes.

3. Flatbreads: We don’t know how we feel about this one…It reminds us of fake pizza. We welcome any comments or suggestions so we can stand corrected but until then we can pass on this trend just like we did with throwback jerseys…

4. Sweet potato fries: We like this healthy trend…sweet potato’s are a great source of fiber and protein. Though we love a good ‘ole plain potato fry, we could sacrifice our vice for some health benefits…Plus, BGR has some really good ones (*Pair alongside “The Burger”).

5. Fried mac ‘n cheese: Glad to see this trend fading. What a horrible way to ruin a masterpiece? Yes, to us, mac ‘n cheese is a masterpiece. Frying it is like cutting holes in a new pair of Marc Jacobs jeans…just bad.

Feel free to shed some light on any places we should try before making a complete judgement on the “Top Five”, we would love to taste and of course, stay in the loop.

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*JKGF picture taken @ Againn (Brussel Sprouts w/ bacon)

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