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Potato Chips. It seems we rarely spend anytime actually writing or reviewing anymore. Well today, we made the executive decision that instead of telling you about some event in the District and elsewhere, we would put the focus back on telling you about the food (*See our earlier post on guacamole, we’re back at it!). Since we haven’t been cooking lately, we have picked up the bad habit of junk food. What we found is that not all “junk food” is really “junk food”. Take for instance, our main prey, Cape Cod potato chips. We stumbled upon these chips and have not turned back since.

The best thing about potato chips are they can be shared with large groups, hence we pulled these out everytime houseguest dropped by and wanted something to nibble on. On one occasion, we pulled out every bag in our cabinet for our girlfriends to munch on over some gossip. We love good girlfriend time. They gave really good feedback on what made the cut and here’s a brief re-cap:

Classic- “Eh, classic, nothing special but good for when you just want something to snack on”

Sea Salt & Vinegar- These are our favorites so we did not save any for our guests. We literally opened the 9 oz. bag and never turned back.

Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper- “These do nothing for me”…

Sweet Mesquite Barbeque- We never even tasted these because one commenter took one bite and ate the whole bag…you know who you are…

Robust Russet- “These were cool, they would match perfect beside a thick, juicy burger”

Parmesan & Roasted Garlic- “These are delicious” We all went back for seconds and thirds…and fourths on these…

We nibbled on popcorn too>

White Cheddar- “These are on point. I would have these on the side just for a quick snack.”

Sweet Cream Butter- “I feel a little confused with this one…It’s like the recipe should just stick to one side and stay there”

Sweet & Salty- “These are really good. Reminds me of the popcorn you might get from Garrett’s in Chicago.” And we know what your thinking “How can salt and sweet go good together??” Well they are a match made, we were quite pleased and shocked.

This taste test was soo much fun!! Our girlfriends session turned into a real live customer survey with suggestions and all. One of our girlfriends even pointed out the fact that these chips were diet friendly with 150 calories in each serving. That made us smile especially since we had become somewhat of a couch potato munching on these chips. Conducting this research (*Sounds professional, eh?) helped us to see that we weren’t being total losers and were in fact finding out how great a snack potato chips can be without all the fatty bad raps.

Cape Cod has done a great job at tackling the potato chip rap as being “junk food”. With 150 calories per serving and 8-pack, 100 calorie mini-bags, we think we can be a couch potato…well, for just another week…

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