Johnna’s Pick of the Week: Baked and Wired (DC)

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Gotta love a good cupcake. Every week it seems like there’s a new cupcake shop popping up around the District and making itself the new trendy place to spend 4 bucks on a small sweet treat. We’re feeding into it and that’s how we stumbled upon Baked and Wired. Baked and Wired has been in the area for awhile so it is on the other side of the trend curve making it somewhat of a veteran cupcake shop now. Everyone knows the parking in Georgetown sucks, but Baked and Wired happens to be on the one side street where we seem to always find parking.

The modest sign outside doesn’t shout “Delicious Treats Inside” but upon entering you know the deal. What’s your flavor?? The cupcakes fill out the counter top with flavors ranging from vanilla on vanilla to Texas sheet cake with cinnamon and pecans. We chose the strawberry which was pretty darn tasty. The frosting was a sugar fest and the moist cake complimented it well. We wanted more of the big muffin tops (*These are some pretty big cupcakes in comparison to others we’ve seen around town…). Peering up at the walls as we lounged on the black leather couches (*felt like we were at someones house instead of a bakery), artsy images let you know this isn’t your typical cupcake spot. Employees dressed like models out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue and music that’s reminiscent of a concert at the 9:30 Club, Baked and Wired is not your typical bakery nor restaurant, for that matter. We love it.

Walk to the other side and you will find yourself in the cafe area of the bakery which serves up a totally different menu. Lattes, teas and the like line the menu which works perfectly beside the bakery that has everything from pies and cakes to quiches and tarts. Sweets lovers should definitely make a trek over because sugar is not taken lightly here. Also, it’s a good place to kick back and throw back a few lattes or nibble on cupcakes with friends over some intellectual conversation. Would we go back?? H***’s yeah! It rocks. Thumbs up for the relaxed atmosphere, fashion and most importantly…the cupcakes.

*Least favorite thing: Of course, the price. Guess this must be the cupcake trend, $4 and up for a muffin top.

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