Johnna’s Pick of the Week: The Tabard Inn (D.C.)

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The rumors were true. The Tabard Inn is one of the best places in D.C. for brunch. After hearing about the Sunday brunch here, we decided it was time for us to make our way over to Dupont. It was a bit difficult to find at first and we probably would have given up the hunt, but the foodie in us wouldn’t let us. We found it tucked inside Hotel Tabard Inn and as we followed the signs to the restaurant entrance we felt like we were walking through someones home. The Tabard Inn has such a cozy, vintage feel that makes you feel like your invading someones domain when you visit.

We were seated in what felt like we were yet again in someones huge dining room that they happened to open up to the public. It felt good. We started with the fried donuts and whipped cream. We honestly could have eaten about 10 of these and at $1.50 this was a strong possibility but we paced ourselves. Good idea because what followed was worth waiting for. Of course we got the poached eggs (*If this is your first time reading JKGF, you will learn quickly how much we love poached eggs) which were the topping for the corn beef hash drizzled with béarnaise sauce. The corn beef was not something you would find in a can but we can’t say that it matched up to some of the best corned beef hash we’ve had (*Elmo’s Diner of Durham has our vote on this one…). We had quite an appetite and were a little rambunctious in our selections so we tacked on a side of the grits with fontina cheese. Smart move for our taste buds, bad move for our stomachs (*We could have bursted after a meal like this…).

Did we mention we tried the applewood smoked bacon and waffles?? We were sharing all this food, we promise. The bacon reminded us of turkey bacon versus the down home pork bacon with all the gristle and fat, which was probably a good thing. The Limosa was a good way to start the day…we love anything that involves Champagne and lemons in the morning. After practically being rolled out of The Tabard Inn, our palates were pleased with what Brunch DC considers one of the top brunches in D.C. Will we return? Yes, but this time we’re getting two donuts and an extra side of whipped cream, please.

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