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Who said good food couldn’t be fast and with great service?? Society has cast this image of the fast food world as the dark side, the place where you can’t find good, quality cuisine and if you should find it, it will probably ruin your health in some way. JKGF sought to refute these arguments and started seeking fast food havens that cater to provide good food at a fast pace. What we discovered was, like anything else, if you eat in moderation your health concerns will be fine. Since we are not a medical or your local nutritionist site, we based our pick for the best fast food solely on taste buds;-) We ran across a spot called Z Burger in Tenlytown, D.C. and were quite impressed with what we found…:

The food: Outside of Cali, it is hard to find that “In ‘n Out” burger appeal. This Z Burger gave us some optimism of what could be in store for the East Coast (*Could it be true?? An “In ‘n Out” for the East?!) The burgers were big and juicy and match perfectly with the in house sauce they make (*Secret recipe we tried to snag but they weren’t giving in…) and add to the side. One order of fries is enough to feed you and another person, maybe even three more people. The onion rings were flavored with a hint of sweetness and enough for two people to share. Ohhh the milkshakes. The milkshakes take up 1/3 of the menu board (*there are seriously 100 to choose from) and we suggest the Birthday Cake (*It reminds you of the Birthday Cake Ice Cream at ColdStone…speaking of ColdStone, why are they closing the one in Cleveland Park?!) On the flip side, we could take or leave the turkey burgers, stick to the beef or veggie burgers.

The Service: Welcome to Cali-Pause. With the service we received, for a minute we felt like we might be in the laid back ocean zone…but no, we were in the District. The cashiers were actually chipper in a D.C. fast food spot…quite a surprise for the local patrons. After dealing with sucky service on so many levels in the District, it is so refreshing to patronize a cheap food establishment with good service. (*Again, we put our disclaimer out there, you could go and have a totally different experience based on other factors such as different cashiers, managers day off, etc.)

Local competition: Five Guys. Z Burger, however, offers a better atmosphere than Five Guys.

Things that might turn you off: In this economy, fast food is expected to not break your pockets. This spot could run you about $25 for you and another person (*But that’s only if you get Large for everything…trust us, that is way to much food); the turkey burgers and the health factors (*fried, burgers and more fried…just keep thinking: moderation…)

If you are looking for a good spot to grab a quick bite to eat with some friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. this is worth a taste. JKGF is not fond of chain restaurants in the least, but this one has definitely caught our foodie eye and we will be scoping out other fast food spots that can meet the good food and good service without the white tablecloths. More to come…

*You know a fast food spot that’s awesome?? Shoot us an email @ telling us the name and why you love this spot, we want to hear from you.

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  1. Lee says:

    There’s definitely delicious burger spots on the east coast. Shake Shack in NY is pretty wonderful.

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