What are the Different Types of BBQ Machines in Australia?

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If you’re looking to buy a barbecue machine, you might be overwhelmed by the choices and options.  BBQ Australia is reportedly owned by six million households, or about 63%. In the country SA, it can reach 75%, and in the nation WA, it can reach 73%. Additionally, the study shows around 400 000 more BBQs are operating today than in 2011.

In this guide, discussed below are different types of BBQ machines out there so that you can pick the right one.

Gas BBQs

Gas BBQs are the most popular type of BBQ in Australia, and they are easy to use, clean and portable. Gas barbecues are great for cooking on a budget as they do not require much maintenance or cleaning.  However, gas smokers have less control over the temperature than other smokers, which may cause your food to cook unevenly.

According to a report, a private franchise and subsidiary own gas BBQs in 150+ locations in Australia. 

Electric BBQs

Electric barbecues are the most common type of barbecue in Australia. They’re easy to use and maintain, inexpensive, portable, or built-in, and require relatively little space.

The barbecue and grill production market is expected to reach $1.8 billion in revenue in 2022. In 2022, it is anticipated that the Barbecue & Grill Manufacturing industry will shrink by 1.4%.

Charcoal BBQs

Charcoal BBQs in Australia are the most popular style of barbecue. They are easy to use and provide you with a large surface area and capacity for cooking. 

These machines come in two different types:

  • Infrared Grill: An infrared grill is a high-quality charcoal barbecue that uses infrared technology to offer more heat than standard grills. This allows you to cook more food at once and get better results from your meat or fish. The best part? It doesn’t add any extra smoke!
  • Kettle BBQ: A kettle BBQ has a large cooking capacity, making it perfect if you have many mouths to feed on your patio! This type of machine usually has an adjustable temperature control so you can adjust from hot enough for steaks down to low enough for chicken burgers or sausages. There isn’t much this type can’t do! You can even remove some parts of the kettle if needed so that it sits flat on tables (which saves space).

Portable BBQs 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to cook your food at home or on the go, then a portable BBQ is what you need. Portable barbecues are designed to be easily transported and used while camping, at picnics, tailgating, and at backyard parties. 

They come in many different sizes, so they can accommodate different amounts of people and are small enough to be stored away when not used.


As of 2022, Australia has 158 Grill locations. With 50 sites, or around 32% of all Grill’d locations in Australia, Victoria has the most Grill’d establishments.

If you want to buy a new grill or upgrade your current one, we would love to help. Our friendly experts can assist with any questions that you may have about what type of barbecue machine is right for your needs or budget.


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