Different Types of Order Forms for Popular Bakery Items

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Millions of people buy a diverse range of goods online each year, proving how dependent the world has become on the ever-expanding e-commerce sector. Invariably, even baked goods are now sold online, with numerous bakers showcasing their distinct product catalogs to existing and potential customers on their websites.

Moreover, adding easy-to-use bakery order forms on retail websites has made it much simpler for folks to buy their preferred baked items by following a few basic steps. However, having separate pages for popular items can make the process much easier for bakers and their customers, eliminating confusion and wasting time.

Consider incorporating the following order forms for your website, allowing visitors to quickly select the one they seek without having to search for the entire layout extensively.

Donuts and Cookies

It is no secret that adults enjoy gorging on donuts and cookies as much as children do, frequently ordering their favorite ones at all possible times. You can have separate pages for each product to make ordering easier for your clients, informing them of the product specifics in clear words.

For example, you can list plain donuts under one category while creating others depending on variety, such as coconut, cream, sprinkles, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, peanut butter, and gluten-free. You can do the same with cookies, listing them under different flavors like lemon, salted, oat, pistachio, vegan choco chip, granola, brownie, etc.

Pastries and cupcakes

Depending on your preference, you can organize pastries and cupcakes alphabetically or by type, allowing buyers to understand the listed information without hassles. Generally, pastry classification includes croissants, galettes, pain au raisins, baklava, flavored buns, vegan quiche, and spinach pinwheels, to name a few.

Cupcakes are usually classified by popular flavors like red velvet, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. However, it helps to add vegan and gluten-free options separately, as many customers seek such products.

Cheesecakes and chocolates

The bread and bakery industry is worth millions of dollars, with cheesecakes, candy, and chocolates forming an integral part. With the prices mentioned below, you can add popular cheesecake categories with pictures, such as cranberry, lemon, blueberry, and matcha. It is advisable to do the same with candy and chocolates and list them by flavors, price range, and quantity for greater clarity.

Pies and popcorn

When it comes to pies, it is better to segregate sweet ones from savory items, listing them in different categories for a better understanding. Typically, popular sweet variants include apricot, apple, rhubarb, and key lime, while savory ones are generally made up of shepherd’s pie, chicken items, and vegetarian pies.

Popular order categories for popcorn usually include classic salt and pepper, caramel, cheese, chocolate, honey-glazed, and vegan.


Choosing an ergonomic form builder is the key to enjoying high-quality bakery order forms that can push your business forward without much effort. Reputable platforms have scores of templates you can use as is or customize to suit your specific needs as and when necessary.

For instance, you can add a personalized thank you message, track stock, manage inventory, use high-definition images, and incorporate safe payment gateways to make the experience more enjoyable. Also, you can add nutritional information, list potential allergens, and include other critical details that tell your visitors more about the products you sell.

Therefore, choose a form builder with a responsive layout and customizable options to enjoy order pages that genuinely suit your individual needs.


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