Kitchen Upgrades For The Ambitious Food Blogger

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In the conventional modern home, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the entire house. On your journey as a food blogger, you will be using your kitchen twice as much.

Now, although the main focus of your blog is, of course, the food and not the kitchen, the overall aesthetic and layout of the kitchen will ensure the food looks more appetizing and more professional. But, as we all know, kitchen renovations can be pretty expensive. However, it does not have to be this way. With a bit of imagination, creativity, and some DIY, you can capture professional images of your culinary expertise.

Here are five kitchen upgrades that are relatively pocket-friendly.

Get A Photography Backdrop

Food blogging and vlogging require taking many pictures; that’s why a photography backdrop is just what you need. Backdrops can help you avoid completely retiling or remodeling your kitchen; a photography backdrop gives photographs that essential professional touch. 

Some popular backdrops that you can choose from are the marble background for an elegant and chic feel. Alternatively, a bare-brick design for a minimalistic and industrial aesthetic is also an excellent option. 

There are many inspiring backdrops to choose from; you can have a wood background for a rustic and bohemian look.

Open Shelves

One way to transform your kitchen instantly is to add open shelves. Open shelving in the kitchen allows you to display your best wine glasses, salad bowls, and spice collection while giving you easy access to any of these items.

The open shelving will increase your overall kitchen storage, making the space lighter and more welcoming. And your food photography images will also have more variance.

Re-Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

This is where DIY comes in. After adding open shelves, re-painting your cabinets will make the second most drastic transformation to your kitchen. Take precautions on the kind of finish you would like for your cabinets. 

Whether it’s glossy, wooden, or matte, the finish on your cabinets will make or break your kitchen. This upgrade is essential if you will be vlogging about your culinary journey. 

Update The Lighting

When taking pictures and videos, lighting is undoubtedly fundamental. Having lousy lighting is as good as having bad content. If you have a kitchen island, pendant lights will work brilliantly. Pendant lights, also known as task lighting, are adaptable and versatile as the lights can be arranged to your liking. These statement lights will make your space more vibrant and inviting. 


The last thing you can do to renovate your kitchen on a budget is as easy as throwing stuff away. Decluttering and re-arranging your kitchen utensils will give your kitchen a spacious and minimalistic feel. 

Take note to place your most-used utensils close to your most-used appliances. This is called kitchen ergonomics. 

As a food blogger or food influencer, the kitchen is your place of work. Therefore functionality in the kitchen is your top priority. Implementing these five ideas to renovate your kitchen will significantly improve your productivity.

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