Choosing the Right Meal Delivery Service for You

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A few decades back, who would have believed the possibility of having a full meal delivered to their doorstep? While door-to-door delivery isn’t a new concept, full meal delivery services are relatively new. As a matter of fact, there are people who don’t know such a service exists.  

Compared to our grandparents’ time, the world has gotten incredibly busy. For many reasons, it’s becoming incredibly difficult for people to plan out the food they cook at home and go grocery shopping for the ingredients. There are job responsibilities that now quite often spill into non-work hours, catching up with friends, fine-tuning your side hustle, and workouts. There’s an endless list of activities that make grocery shopping a luxury activity and time management an essential skill. Visit to learn more about the importance of time management. 

This is especially true for singles as they often have so many social activities lined up to help build a quality social network. Young couples also that are working to consolidate their careers may not have the time to plan meals and actually cook. What happens most of the time is that these people end up eating the quickest meal they can make and that requires the most minimal planning. Very often, these aren’t the most nutritious. 

Meal delivery services make sure people with extremely busy schedules get to eat foods that aren’t just delicious, but highly nutritious. They basically take out the planning and grocery shopping and ship to their customers all the necessary ingredients required to make tasty and nutritious meals. 

In this article, we’ll go over how you can choose the best meal delivery service for you. But before we go into that, let’s look at how these services actually work. 

How Do They Work?

So, say you’ve already found a meal delivery service you think would be a great fit. Ideally, they should have a functional, simple-to-use website from which customers would order what they want. Some of these service providers don’t do the cooking, they only curate them, put together the ingredients and a cooking manual or recipe card, and ship these out to the customers. 

Their services are for two sets of individuals. There are those that prefer to cook at home than eat out but are either too busy to plan their meals or just don’t enjoy doing so, and those that would rather have nothing to do with their kitchen. With a wide variety of dishes available on their websites, customers have the luxury of eating foods they probably would never have tasted. Click here to learn more about the importance of eating a wide variety of meals. 

Of course, you can select the exact dish you want to be delivered but you could also subscribe to having different dishes delivered to you. What’s great about this service is that the cooking manuals are so easy to follow, and the cooking generally takes less than 25 minutes. 

Now that we understand how they work, let’s go into how you can choose one that is just right for you. 

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Choosing a Delivery Service

You should consider the following when choosing a meal delivery service:

Your Budget

For most people, this would be the first thing to really think about. As much as you’d like to eat good food without all the planning that goes into it, you wouldn’t want that at the expense of your finance, right? So, you’d want to go over as many companies as possible to find one with prices that you can work with. Typically, meal delivery services cost between $5 and $28 per serving, depending on what you’re ordering. Make sure you find a provider that offers meals at prices you can comfortably afford. 

What Their Delivery Process is Like

Not all companies make doorstep delivery, and some deliver on certain days of the week. Some companies deliver to only some cities, while some provide their customers with the luxury of choosing what days in the week that they’d like their food boxes delivered. Choose what works best for you. 

Food Preferences, Ingredients, and Allergens

Some companies cater only to customers with a certain food preference while some try to accommodate all kinds of food preferences. When it comes to ingredients, if you have any allergies, you may want to personally choose your meals. Otherwise, you can opt to let the company surprise you with each box. 

There are many companies that offer this service and one can easily find them by running a quick Google search. If you live in Vancouver, for example, you could search for meal delivery in Vancouver and instantly find a handful to choose from. 

Final Thoughts

Although most of these meals are quite easy to prepare, some may require certain kitchen utensils to have them prepared nicely. You also want to have some basic ingredients like salt, pepper, and olive oil as most companies assume you have these. If you’re looking for an alternative to dining out or buying from drive-throughs, meal delivery services are relatively healthier and more economical. 

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