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The dining table is one of the places that have an essential role in the relationship of a family. But many do not realize the importance of this place.

Not a few think the dining table is only a place to sit and eat the food served. Sometimes we can’t focus on the dish because of electronic devices, such as cell phones or televisions. Eating time is no longer exceptional because everyone is busy with their electronic devices.

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Take advantage of memorable moments such as Thanksgiving and Christmas as the perfect time to gather with family and relatives. The dining room decoration will feel more comfortable, and the warmth will be perfectly interwoven.


Gathering and having dinner with family at Christmas is a moment that many families do. Not only does it make your Christmas better, but beautiful table decorations also provide an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.

  1. Use Fabrics With Preferred Colors

Christmas is synonymous with green, red, and gold. If you want to include other color elements, that’s fine. Many Christmas banquet tables are decorated with white or blue, which gives a warm impression. One of the best selections of fabrics you can use for decorating your dining table is linen. Linen napkins are perfect for decoration, be it in a red color or white, or maybe a completely different color scheme to make it pop up and be the center of attention in your table.

  1. Add A Touch Of Christmas Accessories To The Table

Candles and pine cones make a big difference in the Christmas elements. This means do not miss these two accessories so that the feel of Christmas is felt in your room. For the rustic design lovers, this decoration can be a good idea for you to apply to the table. The trick is, you can put some pine leaves in the middle of your table as a decoration. This decoration will be even more beautiful if you have a table made of wood.

You can also add silver or gold color balls that can substitute for flowers in the middle of the banquet table. The impression of luxury will be felt so that the unique atmosphere will warm your dine with family members.


When Thanksgiving comes, there is a lot of time. It means the right time for you to spend the day with your family. Holding garden parties and barbecues might be a cheaper alternative to vacations than going on vacation outside the house. In this case, a long table with sufficient benches is needed to accommodate those present at this event.

  1. Choose Outdoor Furniture From Wood

Wooden outdoor furniture is more appropriate to use here. You don’t have to prepare a table or chair that is large and full of carvings, just a long table made of wood and a long bench that can be used as a crowd. The wood furniture used can be painted in neutral colors, such as black or white. But to give a more down to earth impression, you don’t need to paint it and let the furniture stay with the original and natural wood color.

  1. Make Creations From Napkins

Linen napkins help wipe leftovers, but they are also beneficial as one of the unique decorations that can beautify the appearance of an outdoor table. You can choose a white linen napkin, then fold it and shape it like a pair of swans.

  1. Give Decorations That Are Easy To Find And Close To Nature

Table decorations or centerpieces can be features that add a lively feel to the outdoor table setting. You can place a vase or basket made of woven bamboo or rattan, then fill it with a combination of fresh flowers, dry twigs, or dried fruit or seeds. Add aromatherapy oil or candles on the side if you want a new and fresh scent.

Why Is Equipment Important?

Each dining table set has its function. Most dining table utensils are made of linen. Linen is restaurant equipment that is quite important because its general process is to cover and protect the table in the restaurant from dirt. like:

  • Table Cloth quickly absorbs liquid and serves to cover the table and make it look more beautiful.
  • Guest Napkin serves as a cloth to wipe the leftovers of food in the mouth of the guests and as a protector from splashes or drops of gravy.
  • Moulton / Silence Cloth is a cloth that readily absorbs liquids and is smaller than table cloth, and its use is placed before the tablecloth is installed.
  • Table Mat / Doily Mat is a base for plates used individually and made of cloth, rattan, or paper. The use of this table mat can replace the table cloth if it is not installed because it wants to show the beauty of the table, which for example, has carvings on it.
  • Table Skirting, in the form of cloth made with a folded model and usually placed to cover around the buffet table to make it look neater.
  • Buffet Cloth is a special tablecloth for a buffet or buffet, sized according to the length of the table and more extensive than an ordinary table cloth.


Planning a perfect dining table setup is not that hard. You just have to pay more attention to what’s matter. To some, maybe their table surface does not match the ambiance of the room, therefore it can be fixed by putting a table sheet on top. Other instances you can do to redirect people’s attention is by putting some accessories like candles, or flowers, or even making animal-shaped napkins. All and all, be sure to also dress nice and appropriately. Consider using an elegant outfit like this linen pants to give a good impression to your family and guests you shared your table with.

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