The Different Types of Custom Brewing Tanks

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Choosing brewing equipment is critical. First, you should have knowledge of what type of vessel you prefer and why. You also need to look into the available and affordable types of coolants. 

You must also look into the amounts that you need to produce compared to the available sizes of vessels. It is better to purchase bigger containers that have more capacity than the amounts needed. 

When there is a need to increase the amount produced, the cost of expansion will be less compared to when you are needed to buy new vessels with bigger capacities. 

It is essential to focus on the type of available types of containers and their functioning and capacities. Different vessels are used at different stages. These stages include the primary, secondary, and final stages. You can also check out ABS Commercial brewing system to find more information.


At this stage, all the tanks are cooled by using either glycol or water.  You are therefore supposed to evaluate and know what best works for you as a cooling agent. 

  • Opened fermentation

It is an uncovered beer vessel that was mainly used for traditional beers. It takes the shape of a tub. Individuals who prefer it do so because it collects a blanket on the surface of the beer. A blanket is a layer that is formed by dead yeast during beer production. 

  • Cylindrical

They are mainly non-pressure. As the name suggests, they are cylindrical in shape. They are good for use during the main beer fermentation art. They come with a sanitizing shower, a sight glass, and an inspection door. These help you to monitor the ongoing process easily. 

  • Cylindrical-conical simplified

You will find them by their cylindrical shape that has a conical shape at the bottom. In addition to a sanitizing door and inspection shower, you will also get armatures used for yeast discharge. You will have an easier time separating beer from yeast by using it. See this link to find out how you can start brewing beer at home  .


At this stage, there is only one type that has been used over and over for years; hence you do not have a variety to choose from, like is the case at the primary stage. 

  • Maturation

It comes in a cylindrical shape and is used for maturation hence the name maturation. In addition to the features of the primary tanks, it has fittings and adjustable pressure valves that you will need to drain its content. Like many other individuals, you are highly likely to prefer having this type since it effectively serves two purposes. You must note that these types can either be insulated or non-insulated, giving you a variety of cooling agents to choose from.


  • Cylindrical, conical pressure

They are made from stainless steel and used for both fermentation and maturation. In addition to the features of other types of tanks, they have an amateur that discharges both yeast and beer at different times. By using it, you will have an easy time separating the two. They are flexible since they can be with or without insulation. 

  • Modular cylindrical-conical 

You will love this type specifically because it is highly versatile. It can also be used to produce wine and cedar, something that most of the other types cannot do. You can use it for filtration, carbonization, flotation, and bottling, among others. It is flexible since you can change its configuration at any point in time when the need arises. 


At the final stage, you need vessels for storing your beer and also for serving the final product. It can be done by filling up bottles or by filling kegs. 

  • Cylindrical 

It is used to store the product temporarily before it can move to other containers. While they are fitted with other functions, they will stand out to you because they will serve your bottling purpose. They are produced in large amounts as universal tanks. You can get them in either insulated or non-insulated form. 

  • Serving 

You can use this one in an outlet or a restaurant to serve customers directly. Using conventional air pressure, it becomes possible for you to serve customers or guests directly to the glasses. It is equipped with removable plastic bags to make sure you do not need inert gases to keep off the air. 


It refers to vessels with several tanks installed within them and is presented as a complete package.

  • Complete fermentation system

It is a set of equipment that you can use for production. The set has several fermenters, coolers, a pump, and a control and temperature measuring system. In it, you will also have duplicators for cooling. It also has a full fitting that you can use when you want to produce professionally. 

  • FUIC Units

It is a compact maturation unit that is used for maturation and fermentation processes. It includes the cooling and temperature measurement as well as the control system. It contains several vessels put together. You can also use it if you need to test a new type of product in the brewery. It will make the process easier for you since it has a lot of functions within it. It is also easier to expand a company using it since you only need to purchase a whole system and place it in the production house.  Click here to see how you can start brewing your own beer at home.


Every process in brewing is essential. However, it is not possible to have a single barrel for all the processes. All the same, it might be possible to have a single barrel being used for two or more procedures but not all. You should use a barrel with more than one functioning since it also saves on space and money. Better even, if the barrels have huge capacities, it gives you room to increase production without necessarily purchasing new ones consistently. Most importantly, check the quality of the product you opt to use; you do not want to buy a product that will get damaged within a few years demand that you purchase new ones. The idea here is to get the most out of the selection you make at a lower cost. 

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