Instagram Can Be Used To Advertise Food Preparations

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Instagram can be used to do these pictures. These helps in showing the food recipes. This helps in the publicizing the food recipes. By this process we can show the ideas of food. This helps in the people to make themselves famous and happy. This helps in the making the people know about their recipes of food. 50 Instagram accounts which make them looks so deliciously good are as follows:

1.LadyandPups |Mandy Lee

Being based on HongKong it gives access to Mandy to take some of the beautiful shots of dogs SRB and Sesame one of the potty-mouthed accounts in the Instagram.

2. @nelrestaurant|Neel

One of the Sydney’s best restaurant that produces photography on food and focuses on dark photography of foods. It changes the food menu every 6 weeks and adds GetInsta new items to the menu. This restaurant focuses on restuarant’s  seasonal dishes.

3.@cook republic| Sneh Roy

She shots the photos of the foods on the ease of her own kitchen. The food items are homely made and the photos of those foods are taken. She also knows about the shutter system free Instagram likes and uses them to capture her own imagery .

4. @annabarnettcooks |Anna Barnett

Anna barnett cooks all from meet free Monday to beautiful party food items. Her soft colour palette makes the strictest enthusiast also feel right.

5.  @dennistheprescott|Dennis the Prescott

Dennis must have got a lot of friends and they all must be well fed. A quick stroll  Instagram Fonts through Dennis Instagram account shows the beautiful range of food items all made by him but without they are laid on the table served on a plate but they are okayly arranged.

6. @eatsmorefun|Karla and Gartson Fernandez

The husband and the wife duo travels from different places to places to taste different types of foods and post every photos of the foods over there and with that a honest review of it and telling people to go on their gastronomical adventurous.

7.@igbrunchclub|Instagram brunch club

Steve is a good photographer of foods , beverages and mocktails based on Seattle . He gives clear photographs of ice-cubes splashing into cocktails and steam coming out from freshly baked foods and this gives a real idea to budding photographers how to shot the behind scenes of forming food.

8.@cookieandKate|Kathyrn Taylor

A healthy vegetaria food blog who posts healthy food videos of vegetarian food items. Her dog eats the crumbs and the posts are very nice.

9.@muttipomodoroau |mutti pomodoro Australia

Of any product to show tomato is versatile to showcase and the blog shows different types of food items on the internet this cause the imagery is to the point and amplification is on the point of the image. This shows the image with crystalness.


Instagram is a social site which helps in publicizing the food recipes and different types of foods which helps to make the people who create content on food publicising  and cause to create the people more famous and let the people to know that they are good in photography of food recipes and help to reach them to the world wide level. So Instagram is a very popular social site app for publicizing the people who make food recipes and post these on the social sites and by this they become famous on the social sites and people gain popularity on social networks and they get more followers in their account this is the method by which they in internet they become famous. This is the process by which they posts the pictures of food and becomes famous in the net area.     

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