Why Cakes Stands Are Now a Popular Wedding Accessory

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As a wedding attendee, you may have come across a stool-like structure holding the cake. Sometimes it is a single stand, at times, it comprises of many such structures arranged together to form a tower. 

This is what a cake stand, also known as a pedestal is. The stands can be multi-tier, double tier or single tier. Traditionally, they are mostly used commercially in bakeries for display and decorative purposes. However, in recent times, they have become increasingly common in weddings. 

Here’s why cake pedestals have become so widely used in weddings. You can actually find cake stands for sale in the UK and other parts of the world. It’s almost like a tradition to have them at a wedding.

  1. Elevation

The cake is arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding reception. A lot of time and skill goes into baking and decorating it to perfection. 

Therefore, it is only natural to want it to be easily seen. Using cake stands ensures the cake is located at a slightly higher position than normal. 

This way, all the wedding guests can be able to see it regardless of where they sit at the event. Elevating the cake also allows it to easily blend into the surrounding décor.

  1. Aesthetics

Wedding cake stands in most cases are selected aesthetic pieces.  They therefore play a decorative role to the wedding. Normally, you will select one that matches the aesthetic theme of your wedding. 

For example, for a Victorian themed wedding, it may be white, marble or glass. Similarly, for a rustic themed wedding, the pedestal may be made of wood. 

Either way, it adds to the beauty and appeal of the décor. The stands also have an aesthetic effect on the cake. When properly chosen, they decorate the cake and make it look better.

  1. Safety

Weddings are attended by many people in most cases. They are also filled with many activities. Some activities such as dancing involve movement to a great extent. 

Cake stands offer support to your wedding cake keeping it safe incase from getting knocked over by moving people. 

They also have a firm base, usually wider than the cakes themselves. The wide base offers balance and safety to the cake. 

  1. Impression of largeness

Cake stands are mainly larger than the cake itself. They therefore give your cake an illusion of being bigger than it actually is. 

Multi-tier stands especially, take up more space and ensure the cakes are spread making them look large. Spreading out desserts also gives them an aesthetic appeal. 

For example, a hundred cupcakes spread out on a flat surface are less appealing compared to those organized in a tower.

  1. Adds sophistication to the dessert table and wedding

A well-chosen wedding cake stand adds class and sophistication to the appearance of the desert table and the wedding itself. 

  1. It saves on space

Pedestals help to save on the space on the dessert table. Imagine having hundreds of cupcakes placed on a flat surface. It seems pretty space consuming, right? 

Now, imagine the same cupcakes organized in a tower-like structure going up?  Many people are opting to use stands in their weddings for this exact reason. 

Generally, the dessert table at a wedding is expected to hold a variety of items. Having it full of cake only is therefore, not an option.

  1. Uniqueness and distinctiveness

Cake stands allow room for creativity and customization. As such, couples at a wedding have an opportunity to make them as personal as they want.  

For example, it may have the names of the wedding couple on it. They can also be made from different materials and in all sorts of designs. This ensures that they add a touch of uniqueness for every individual wedding party.

Cake stands play a critical role in weddings. They play both functional and aesthetic role. Picking out and choosing an appropriate one for your wedding is therefore fundamental. 

Here are some things to consider enabling you to pick a wedding cake stand that is just right for you. See this link to read a few reasons as to why you actually need to use the stands https://www.thespruceeats.com/wedding-cake-traditions-486933 

Choosing a cake stand for a weeding

  1. The size and amount of cake

Weddings come in a wide range of sizes. The size of your cake depends on the number of guests attending your party. Generally, large cakes require stands with a bigger plate space to accommodate them. You may also want to use slightly shorter stands for big cakes. High ones give an illusion of volume which is not very necessary with a large cake.

  1. The material

The types of material that may be used for pedestal stands are limitless. They may be metallic, plastic, wooden, glass and even ceramics. The material you pick out will largely be dependent on the type of cake. For example, it is better to use a metallic stand when it comes to extremely large cakes just to guarantee stability.

  1. The theme of the wedding

Different event themes require different types of decorative accessories. The wedding décor is done depending on the theme. The pastry stand adds an aesthetic appeal and should be chosen according to the overall theme to bring about balance and uniformity.

  1. The cost

How much are you willing to spend? Different stands come at different prices depending on type, material, size and, degree of sophistication. 

  1. The desired effect

You may want to bring out a certain aspect, or communicate a certain message with your stand.  Think about what you want to achieve with it and the effect it is supposed to have. Click here to read more about cake stands.


Cakes are a fundamental part of all kinds of celebrations, including weddings. They are meant to be masterpieces in some and, are symbolic in others. A lot of effort goes into baking and decorating them, and maximum effort goes into it. 

What better way to enhance the cakes’ appearance and overall effect than through what they are placed on? Cake stands play both aesthetic and functional roles in a wedding. Like every other aspect of the ceremony, they are important in dictating the overall experience. 

Their benefits and roles in weddings cannot be overlooked.  As such, they need to be selected carefully to perform all their functions in making weddings a memorable experience.

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