7 Decadent Treats to Make or Buy on Special Occasions

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From the naughty but nice to the just plain yummy, celebrating special occasions with something sweet is the way to go. Looking for something different to mark a special day? Let’s take a look at a few super treats to make or buy. So, prime your tastebuds and get ready for decadent treat ideas that combine the delicious with the unusual.

1. Adding Naughty to the Nice

The “strictly for adults” treats we could buy used to be confined to liqueur chocolates, and they’re still a great way to celebrate. Nowadays, with recreational cannabis being legal in so many jurisdictions, that’s expanded to include a range of yummy edibles including shatter bars by Canna-Express. A word of warning however, these all-too-tasty treats should definitely stay out of reach of children!

2. Try Chocolate Sausage

Chocolate sausage might sound weird, but  it’s just a  no-bake treat that’s hugely popular in Slavic countries. It’s super easy to make, looks a lot like salami, but combines two of our favorite things: chocolate and cookies. Slice it up before serving and enjoy it as a gorgeously sweet treat with a twist of the unusual.

3. Make Honey Bourbon Carrot Cake

Sounds amazing? It is! Try adapting your regular carrot cake recipe by substituting honey for some of the sugar, add a dash of bourbon to taste, and you end up with something that might look ordinary, but certainly doesn’t taste that way. As decadent treats go, this one is a hot hint you absolutely should try. 

4. Avocado Sweet Treats

We’re inclined to think of avocados as being a savory snack, but they’re a fantastic ingredient for some of the yummiest desserts out there. The nutty flavor and creamy texture of avos lend themselves very well to a variety of desserts. A few easy recipes later, and you’ll never see avos in the same light again!

5. Whip up Some Jalebi

If you’re from Southeast Asia, this tasty treat won’t be all that unusual for you, but for the rest of us, Jalebi could be a new way to tantalize the taste buds. Apart from tasting amazing, this fried delicacy steeped in sugar syrup looks great. As for decadence, it contains a little saffron – the most expensive spice in the world. At a pinch, substitute Tumeric for a close match with the original.

6. Taste a Ricotta Dessert

It takes just 20 minutes to make this unusual dessert. Candied fruit combines with ricotta, maraschino liqueur, sugar and lemon plus cream for a mouthwatering treat that will turn any occasion into a special one. Spoil yourself! You know you want to!

7. Sex in a Pan

It’s no joke. There really is an awesomely decadent dessert with this tantalizing name. Layer up on sweetness with a traditional recipe or try a sugar-free one if you’re yearning for something sweet on a sugarless diet. Share it with someone extra special – who knows where it may lead?

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