Purified Vs Spring Drinking Water: Which is Better For You?

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The act of drinking water is one of the healthiest habits to have. In fact, an individual is required to drink up to a certain quantity daily. Its benefits to the body are enormous. In any case, there are different ways water could be sourced. For most people, this is drinking straight from their tap. For some reason though, you may need to drink bottled water instead of one from your tap. This could be due to being away from home.

For whatever reasons you may need it, bottled water typically comes with one of two labels; purified or spring. Have you ever wondered what those two terms meant or if one is better than the other? You can learn more about them below. First, let us find out what they mean.


Most bottled water avow to be “purified”. This term comes from the fact that it is produced through various processes. These can be distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis. Sometimes the terms deionized, demineralized, or distilled may be used to describe the water. You can read further on this here.

Interestingly, companies that produce it are not permitted to market it as “purified” unless it meets certain conditions. Its impurity levels must be below ten parts per million (PPM). The PPM rating is used to measure the level of concentration of a substance in a liquid.

Purified water is subjected to rigorous treatments and testing. This is to ensure that any particles present are reduced to the barest minimum. It usually comes from a variety of sources before it is filtered.  


Spring is an alternative to the purified one. It is derived from a natural source where water flows from below the ground to the surface. These sources can be a natural spring, an artesian, or well. This is then collected from the source or a hole can be bored to give access to more water. Because a natural spring forms along hillside and valleys, its path through the rock acts as a natural way to filter it.

For many people, this natural filtration makes it better tasting because of the natural mineral that is present in there. It is also treated in a way that preserves these natural mineral contents but removes microbes and any other impurities.

The main appeal of spring is that it is derived from a “pure source” where artificial contaminants are absent. It may have high levels of ppm but these particles are often natural compounds. To a large extent, many believe that they are not harmful but beneficial. Moreover, it does not need to meet the same standards of ppm as the purified version. You can read about springs here https://www.britannica.com/science/spring-water

Which of The Two Is More Beneficial?

Both the purified and spring are approved by the FDA and EPA. The FDA is in charge of regulating bottled water and the EPA regulates tap water. The main difference between them is their tastes. Spring has a natural refreshing taste that purified seem to lack due to their different sources. In essence, there is no right answer.

Deciding between the two is mostly down to preference. Although more people are led to believe that spring is better due to its natural mineral content, purified is equally good.  When using with appliances such as diffusers, humidifiers, medical equipment, or coffee makers, using purified is generally better. This is because the minerals in spring can react and cause scaling.

Interestingly, both types can come from the same source. The thing is that while spring comes directly from one source, purified can come from several sources. At the end of the day, both are perfect for drinking. They will both offer you the same health benefits to a large extent. You can check out Absopure purified drinking water to learn more about this.


Water is essential and good for the body. It does not matter where the source is from. What is most important is that it is clean and safe to drink. As long as this condition is met, then you can choose either one. The only thing is that the one from a spring is perfect for those who prefer the natural refreshing taste.

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