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Some people think having a cup of coffee is like having a stick of cigarette. They exaggerate all the disadvantages associated with this beverage.

While it is true that it can cause several health issues, you should understand that this is when it is not done moderately. The same applies to many other products that offer nutritional benefits as well.

So, you should be particular about not taking too many cups rather than staying completely away from it as there are also benefits attached to having a cup or two. If you are interested in checking out some of the advantages and disadvantages, you can read this.

Furthermore, it is important that you make use of the right kind as there are various options available. These options differ in many ways. For instance, they do not have the same acidic and filtration level. As a result, the effects are different on the body.

In the bid to help you make the right choice, we will discuss one of the best options available.

Say hello to the French Roast Coffee!

What Is French Roast Coffee?

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This option is also known as “burnt coffee” in some quarters and among some coffee lovers. This is because of the look and taste in particular.

The taste guarantees something smoked but tasty. Some brands even allow their beverage to have an additional charred taste.

What Does the French Roast Coffee Offer?

For lovers of this beverage, the biggest highlight is the dark color and richness it offers. This is as a result of its roasting style which is carried out no less than twice. It explains why several coffee lovers like to term it as double roasted coffee as well.

In terms of acidity which is a very important factor to consider while making a choice, this option is less acidic than the regular ones with a lighter roast approach used.

The production method also impacts heavily on the taste. The double roasted approach ensures that the beverage has a taste that is charred. However, it is still sweet, guarantees a richer mouthful than many other options, as well as bold and intense.

Why Should You Choose the French Roast Coffee?

We strongly advise that you choose the French roast option mainly for health reasons. This is considering that it offers less caffeine than many other options available.

Although it packs a punch, the double roasting preparation ensures that the caffeine level is drastically reduced. So, properly roasting your french coffee will drastically reduce the presence of caffeine.

Choosing the Right French Roast Coffee

Considering that this option is very popular and loved among coffee enthusiasts, many beverage brands are largely into its production. However, you have to be certain that your chosen option meets the required standard.

To ensure that this is the case, here are some things you have to take note of:

Good Packaging

Good packaging is way more than a product with a great design on the cover. Here, we are more particular about the protective feature of the package.

Generally, this coffee is unique in the sense that it quickly loses freshness if it is not well-packaged. Therefore, you need something airtight – able to avoid oxidation and moisture from easily getting in.

This will ensure that it remains fresh every time you need it.

Roast Date Indicated

A good product must not withhold sensitive details from its customers. For instance, the date the beans were roasted has to be indicated. This will help the buyers know how fresh the product is. So, you should stay away from products that are not open to sharing such information to avoid a stale beverage.

Consistent Bean Color

In the process of roasting the bean, there may be inconsistencies. This is in light of how some beans will be more roasted than the others. Frankly, such products do not offer optimum satisfaction.

You should therefore go for a product that has consistent bean color as this proves that the roasting process was flawless.


There are many talks about how bad this beverage is for your health. The simple truth is that these comments are not detailed as there are also tons of benefits attached to having a cup or two cups of this beverage.

For some of these advantages, you can check out: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/top-13-evidence-based-health-benefits-of-coffee#TOC_TITLE_HDR_2

However, you should also ensure that you are taking the right kind. To help out in this regard, this article has discussed one of the best options – French Roast Coffee; and hope that you make the most of it when you need a cup or two of this beverage.

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