Benefits of Mobile Food Truck and Catering Trailers?

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One of the most important and popular businesses in the world is the food business whether this be cooked or not. This is because humans cannot do without eating. They have to eat every day to survive. There are different ways to sell food though. While there are restaurants, cafeterias, canteens, fast food eateries and many more places to buy food, one very common phenomenon in every major city of the world is street food.

These are usually ready to eat food and drinks sold on the street or in a public place by vendors. They can range from fast food and snacks to finger foods and drinks such as coffee and other beverages.

One of the best ways to sell street food is via mobile catering. This is when ready-made food is sold from a mobile vehicle usually a bus, truck, or trailer. Mobile catering is a type of street food that is a common feature in most cities in the world.

What is a Food Truck and Trailer?

While a food truck and trailer both have a kitchen and are used in mobile catering, they do have some slight differences. A truck is much smaller and can be driven from place to place. They are useful for catering to a small number of people per time. 

A trailer on the other hand is larger and cannot be driven by itself. It needs to be hitched to a vehicle and towed from place to place. They are especially useful for catering to large crowds.

Mobile trucks and trailers have the unusual advantage of having to sell their stuff to a large number of people without having to pay for space or amenities. Also, instead of been situated at a particular location, they may choose to move around while temporarily situated in order to sell to customers. 

In essence, they are not tied to a particular location. If they do not get customers at a location, they have the luxury of moving to a place where they can get more people to buy.

They may also be useful in providing food for people during emergencies. You can read more about mobile catering services here.

Benefits of a Mobile Catering Service

You Always Have a Perfect Location

When it comes to the business of restaurants and selling food, your location is important. With the right location, you can attract the traffic you need for your business. This is one major benefit that mobile catering services enjoy. They are not limited to one location but can choose to go to other locations where they can attract the customers that they need. This means that all through the day, they can sell by simply moving to where people are. 

Lower Startup Costs

Mobile catering trucks do not have to pay rents nor have to undergo location improvement and renovations. Rather they come with a much lower start-up cost than your typical brick and mortar restaurant. By simply buying the truck or trailer which is already designed to contain a kitchen, you are almost good to go.

Lower Overhead Coast

Added to the above is that you have a lower overhead cost. As a mobile truck, you will have a smaller staff which means fewer wages to pay. Also, no need to pay for things such as power, rent as well as other amenities and costs associated with a brick-and-mortar location. Yes, you would have your running costs but they will be significantly lower, more predictable and more controlled.

You Get Free Advertising

An average restaurant or food business will spend a significant amount of their revenue on advertisement. They also need to put some effort into doing so. As a mobile catering service, your truck or trailer is basically a moving advertisement. Because your location is usually where the traffic is, it is easier to get customers. Also, the more people see the truck around town, the more they become aware of your brand.

You may also even make money by putting ads from other businesses on the trailer or truck.

You can Get Creative

With a mobile catering service such as trucks and trailers, you can get creative with your menu in ways that a conventional restaurant might not be able to. At a traditional restaurant, typically customers are expectant of certain things in the menu so changing this might not be as easy. As a truck owner, you can change your menu often and even try different pricing and marketing. You can experiment and try new things while radically changing the menu. 

Catering to Special Events

A food truck is a mobile catering service and kitchen so it enables your business to be able to cater for special events. With this, you can make food on demand for people as against delivering already prepared meals. 

The presence of the truck at these functions also serves as an advertisement and a way to build good relationships with the local community.

Buying a Mobile Catering Vehicle

In purchasing a mobile catering truck or trailer, you have the option of buying an already-made, off the shelf vehicle. You also have the option of working with the manufacturing company in designing and customizing it to your specific taste if you prefer that.

These vehicles also come in different sizes so you can purchase one that will fit your specific needs. You can check to learn more and see options available to you.


Food is one thing that cannot go out of fashion. This is because it is essential to human survival. For this reason, it is always on sale one way or the other. One of these ways is through mobile catering services which involve moving around in a vehicle to sell to customers. 

There are several advantages to this kind of service as seen above. You may either buy a ready for purchase vehicle or work with the manufacturer to help you design one.

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