Uses of Tonic Water You Probably Don’t Know

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Many soft and alcoholic drinks are used for enjoyment purposes in entertainment joints and during special occasions. But do you know that you can use some of these drinks for more than just pleasure?

One of the soft drinks that have multiple uses is tonic water, mostly flavored with lemon and sugar. The carbonated beverage has been in existence since the nineteenth century. 

The common use of the drink is in cocktails. That is why brands such as strangelove tonic water produce it for use with vodka, gin, and tequila. You can also use the drink with non-alcoholic beverages to balance the sweetness and bitterness. 

Here are the other uses of tonic water that many don’t know. 

Medicinal Uses   

Tonic water has therapeutic properties that can benefit your health in different ways. Back in the early days, the drink was effective in combating malaria. This is because it contains quinine, which helps to treat the disease. 

However, many of the tonic water brands produced today contain little quinine. The reduced concentration means that the drink has become less effective in treating malaria. You can still use it to address the condition, but this will require you to drink a lot, which is not practical.  

Tonic water helps to relieve muscle spasms. There are no studies to verify this, but many people who have reported that the drink has helped them fight muscle cramps.  


The drink can be used as a cleaning agent at home or in the workplace. It has properties that make it useful in the cleaning of glasses and other hard surfaces. You just spray the water like other cleaning agents and then wipe the surface. 

The drink is also effective in removing stains. If you have an item with stain, dip it into tonic water for several minutes or hours and then wash it.  

The advantage of using tonic water as a cleaner is that it does release pollutants into your homes like other chemical-based cleaners. Thus, you don’t have to fear for your health and that of your family.  

Keeping the Flowers Fresh 

You can use tonic water to preserve your flowers and keep them looking fresh. You can decide to mix the drink with plain water or use it in the original form to water your plants.

The reason why the drink is good for flowers is that it contains minerals and sugar that are good for plants. Thus, when used, the plants blossom, thereby giving your home a healthy look. 

Tonic water can also keep cut flowers fresh. So, the next time someone sends you a bouquet, use the drink to keep it fresh for longer. 

In conclusion, popular brands such as strangelove tonic water produce the drink for use with cocktails. However, the carbonated beverage also has other uses. Due to its therapeutic properties, you can use it to relieve conditions such as muscle cramps. The drink can be used to clean glass and remove stains. You can also use it to keep your flowers looking fresh.  

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  1. Ken says:

    The advantage of using tonic water as a cleaner is that it does release pollutants into your homes like other chemical-based cleaners. Thus, you don’t have to fear for your health and that of your family.


  2. Johnna says:

    Thanks Ken!!

  3. Margaret (Garcia) Wells says:

    can you use it for flowers out side in your garden like annual and holsa

  4. Johnna says:

    Yes Margaret! Happy gardening!! and thank you for the comment:-)

  5. delilah crawford says:

    I love the Fever Tree brand , I added a very thin slice of Grapefruit to my Tonic on the rocks’, verrry refreshing!

  6. Johnna says:

    That sounds good, will have to try!

  7. John says:

    So interesting. Always end up dumping my unused Tonic water but not any more thanks to you.

  8. Johnna says:

    Good stuff!!

  9. Kathy says:

    LOVED this article! Thank you!!!

  10. Johnna says:

    Yaeaayyy!!! Thanks for reading;-)

  11. syd says:

    Hi Johnna! I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen your blog before but i love how informational and fun you are! Looking forward to more amazing content! :))

  12. Johnna says:

    Thanks Syd!!

  13. Julie says:

    Ken brought it to your attention May 2021 that the information in your article says “does release chemicals” when I am sure you meant doesn’t. I wonder why you didn’t change it after you acknowledged him.

  14. Corey Cole says:

    Because the author is arrogant. Really should have fixed that.

  15. Francene says:

    Hi Johnna, this is the first time on your site, thanks for the tonic water tips! I noticed the slight error, but figured out immediately what you meant! No worries!! All the best!

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