How to Make Spanish Latte at Home

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Getting your best type of coffee is the first step in having your perfect drink! There are many different types of coffee drinks made today, if you have not yet realized these, then you are missing out on so much flavour and taste. From dark to light type, there are many roast types out there for coffee-lovers to have. Spanish Latte is one of the best varieties you will not miss out. It is the original French type of coffee, but it has from then been enjoyed in Italy among other parts of the world. The flavour is more intensive and compact in comparison with the standard black coffee. The taste is also stronger and dense compared with filter coffee. It is made in various types and is the foundation for various espresso beverages. Below we shall cover the two primary methods of roasting Spanish Latte, types of Spanish Latte you can make at home and two recipes for making a hot and cold Spanish Latte from home. 

 Roasting Spanish Latte Beans.

 To make the best drink all the time, you will have to make Spanish Latte using Espresso roast gourmet coffee of the best quality, Arabica beans well handpicked can be used the make great coffee. It is best for Vienna Roast Espresso, classic Italian Espresso, decaffeinated Italian Espresso and robust Spanish Espresso. However, the secret to best Spanish Latte drink is the expertise used in roasting, for the preparation. You can buy an already made Spanish Latte coffee, but ensure you get an original one or roast the beans by yourself at home. Convection method and DIY methods can be used to roast Spanish Latte Beans.

 The machine (conventional) roasting is better at yielding espresso coffee beans uniformly roasted to the required level for making the best tasting drink, without a burnt or scorched taste. The machine roasting method is a method used by companies to ensure buyers get the highest quality and freshest roast gourmet coffee. A company that specializes in gourmet coffee roasting success relies mostly on the roast master’s expertise and experience in roasting all of the coffee fresh for all customer’s orders. Due to this reason, order freshly roasted Spanish Latte beans that meet the highest quality of the roast’s standards.

 When roasting at home, it is good to remember that Spanish Latte coffee beans are dark roasted. This means they have cracked and are dark in colour, to the point of being oily and black. These beans commonly have bittersweet flavours, can taste of low acidity, caramel and are perfect Espresso. You can use to make several varieties such as a latte, cappuccino or mocha and you will enjoy the best Spanish Latte.

 Types of Spanish Latte you can make.

  1. Cortado is a small drink prepared with milk and espresso, cooked in a small espresso cup with a hot steamed milk and espresso coffee in a one to one ratio.
  1. Bombon is prepared in a similar way to the Cortado using a small espresso cup. A bombon is espresso and condensed milk. The condensed milk provides the drink with sweetness.
  1. Leche y Leche can be described as milk and milk because it is an espresso coffee with condensed milk for sweetness and regular hot steamed milk.
  1. Cappuccino, most Italians, use this coffee for everyday morning breakfast. It comes from Vienna and is prepared using steamed milk and espresso. The mixture should be on a one to three ratio espresso to one third milk and one third milk froth.
  1. Café con Leche is the everyday coffee made with regular milk, also known as a latte. Hot steamed milk with Espresso. Little coffee than milk here, though.
  1. Cafe solo – This can be explained as coffee only. Some may want a cafe solo as an espresso – which correctly made is 30 ml of coffee. Other might want a “largo” which is a longer pour from the same coffee producing a slightly bigger drink but often much more bitter.
  1. Lungo is also known as a large espresso, but as opposed to putting the hot water, as it is done in an Americano, allow for substantially much water flow through the mixture of espresso beans. This gives the espresso drink a bitter taste as well as a naturally larger volume.

Spanish Coffee Recipe for Hot and Cold Spanish Latte.

 In this recipe, we shall make a hot Spanish Latte.


 Enough for one person (glass)

  • 4 tablespoons of Spanish Latte syrups 
  • 0.75 cup of low fat steamed milk
  • 1 shot of organic espresso

Types of Equipment Needed

 Electronic blender and Espresso maker


1. Take a clean and empty blender cup, put all the ingredients into the cup. Blend it until all are evenly mixed.

2. Then put the blended mixture of Expresso coffee into the glass.

3. You can now enjoy your Spanish Coffee.

2. Making a cold Spanish Latte drink for those who like a cold drink.

Ingredients needed

 Enough for one person (glass)

  • 2 spoons of Spanish coffee syrup and coffee syrup respectively
  • A shot of organic espresso
  • Low-fat steamed milk about 0.75 cup
  •  Few ice cubes
  •  Put some whipped cream (optional if you like it)

 Equipment To Use

 Espresso maker and electronic blender.

Steps for preparation:

1. Put all the ingredients in one blender cup except the whipped cream, which will be added later.

2. You can now add the ice cubes before blending it.

3. Blend slowly until all the items are well mixed.

4. Take an empty glass and pour the mixture latte into the glass.

5. At last, if you want to use the whipped cream, put it on top of the mixture before serving it.

Note – If you think the espresso you have made is very strong to you, blend it with some hot water. This type of coffee is referred to as Caffè Americano and is in many ways viewed as regular coffee to most visitors in Italy. You can also buy the best coffee beans and coffee equipment for home use from Qavashop Kuwait 


 Making Spanish Latte is an art that needs commitment and preciseness of making. We can say that the original Spanish Latte is more of an idea rather than an actuality. The method is a natural beauty itself, and the way to achieve it is by experience. So when you sit back and take your time to have a drink of coffee, think of having a great piece of artwork put in your cup.

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