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Adding ‘organic’ before a word can make anything sound healthy; organic products, organic food, organic farming, organic fertilizer, organic everything. There’s just a ring to that word that gets more and more people to be interested in this stuff. This can be manifested by the growth in the organic food industry and the elevation of farming in recent years. Turning to additive-free plants has become so popular and this is perhaps because these products are more natural and uncontaminated by pesticides and GMO’s; they are good for the health and the environment.    

A lot of products have turned natural. One of which is beer. The market for this drink has continued to grow in the last decade. Sales of this drink in the U.S. have increased significantly from $9 million in 2003 to $92 million in 2014. The number of breweries producing this type of drink has increased considerably as well. 

What does it mean for a beer to be organic?

The United States Federal Legislation has set guidelines for a beverage to be labeled as organic beer. Ninety-five (95) percent of the drink’s ingredients should be naturally produced. It means that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilizer, and pesticides should not be involved in its production. Furthermore, breweries should be able to prove that the rest of the ingredients are not available in sufficient quantities or uncontaminated qualities. In addition, the remaining pesticide-free ingredients should be allowed by the Federal Agriculture Department. It should be on the list of allowed substances.

There are a lot of reasons why people drink booze. Whether you are happy or sad, celebrating or mourning, it’s nice to get yourself a cold one. After a tiring day at work, nothing feels better than having a very cold pint of beer; at least for me though. Just thinking about an ice-cold beverage gets me feeling relaxed. There’s nothing more refreshing than drinking an extremely cold, delicious beer.

Although drinking this beverage may sound bad for some people, there are a number of health benefits you can get from doing so; of course only if done moderately. It is actually more nutritious than you think. It contains a lot of antioxidants. It actually is good for the heart and bones. Drinking booze can also help in reducing stress and improving your memory. It also helps prevent kidney stones and lower bad cholesterol. Let me reiterate; ONLY IF DONE MODERATELY.

Organic vs. regular 

The invention of organic beer has had people arguing over what is the better beverage, organic beer or just the regular one. The only upside of regular beer over this type of beer is that it is cheaper. As far as the taste and health benefits go, pesticide-free beer tops the regular one. If you are interested in this kind of brew, you may visit this site for more info:

Why organic beer is better than regular beer

With additive-free beverages, you are confident that no chemical was sprayed to your drink. Additive-free booze is made up of ingredients that were grown naturally, no pesticides and chemical fertilizers were used. This type of agriculture is good for the environment as it does not contribute to the contamination of water systems brought about by chemical runoff coming from synthetic agricultural products. Healthier ingredients lead to better fermentation, which produces better tasting beer. Natural ingredients create a more refined flavor. Moreover, additive-free ingredients provide more health benefits than none natural ones. Hence, this kind of beverage gives more nutritional value than regular ones. Additive-free beer is full of vitamin B6 which is very crucial for our bodies.

Going additive-free, as far as drinking is concerned, is really up to you. If you are conscious about your health and meticulous about what you put into your body, then a few extra dollars for additive-free beverage would not be a problem for you. If you think that paying extra bucks for the nutritional advantages in such a beverage is worth it, and then what are you waiting for, shift to that kind of drink right now. Not only do you get more health benefits, but you can also contribute to the preservation of the environment. You can check this page for more information about the health benefits of organic beer.

Always bear in mind that it may be natural, but it still has alcohol in it and drinking too much is bad for your health. Just like the regular ones, you should drink your booze in moderation.

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