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There are so many people out there saying so many different things about what to eat, when to eat and where to buy your food from. It can be difficult to navigate through all the information and misinformation we are bombarded with on a daily bases. There are some things to remember though, if you want to tweak your food and eating habits to ensure you live in a healthier way. Having said this, committing to a specific fad diet never works, and this isn’t how you should try to eat. Find a diet, or certain things, that work for you and you enjoy. Still eat the foods you love too, although having rare steak everyday of the week isn’t the best way forward! Everything in moderation, why not try and explore some new foods? Here are some ideas to get get you started.


Eating Less Processed Food

It’s so easy to buy ready meals, or ready made foods from the supermarket. Whether you’re getting frozen dinners to save time and energy, ready made pizzas or canned goods like spaghetti, these often aren’t too good for us. Every now again these foods are harmless but when they creep into your everyday foods they can become a problem. The issue with these foods are there are so many chemicals, sugars and fats in them to help preserve the, and to make them taste good. You have no control over what you put into your food when you buy these products. As a result we can consume so much salt or sugars without even knowing it. Preparing your meals at home and making does take more time, but tastes so much better and will be great for you in the long run. Why not try making a pizza from scratch? Or buy fresh produce to make your soup instead of buying it ready made?

Eating Less Dairy

Yes, cheese tastes great and you can do so much with it. The downside is it has practically no nutritional value for us, not even calcium, because our bodies can’t absorb it. Cutting down, or cutting out dairy can be a great way to effortlessly lose weight, if that’s your goal. Dairy can make you feel a lot more full than you actually are, meaning you are more likely to get less nutrition because you don’t feel like eating anything else  after your cheesy fries or chips. Don’t worry though! You can have milk alternatives like soya to have in your coffee, or with your cereal. There’s so many more kinds, from oat, to almond to coconut, so whatever your taste is, there is a milk alternative out there for you.

Getting in Your Legumes and Pulses

So often meals are composed of carbs, meat, then a sprinkling of vegetables on the side. Legumes and pulses are great source of nutrition and protein and often get forgotten, especially in chain restaurants. They are, however, a tasty and essential part of any diet. There are so many to cook with from chickpeas, to peanuts, soybeans and lentils. If your are trying a meat free diet, these are a great replacement for meat products, as they are filling and full of protein. They also contain high amounts of fiber and iron, to keep your body functioning the way it should. If you want to try a vegan, vegetarian or other new kinds of eating like the wild diet, you can learn more about the Wild Diet on Defend Your Health Care.

Planning Ahead

When you get home from work, you’re hungry and there’s no food in the house, this is when you end up ordering in. Planning your meals in advance is the best way to avoid this. Take some time your week to sit down, decide on what meals you are going to eat, and figure out what you need to buy from the supermarket. This saves time and money in the long run. If know our going to busy one night, cook in bulk and freeze some meals or put the in the fridge. Cooking in bulk means when you get home and don’t feel like cooking, there’s no the temptation to order in. Unlike processed meals, you know what you’ve put in the food you make.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean cutting out carbs and everything you enjoy. Becoming aware of what is good and not so good for your body, is the best way to start eating differently. Trying new foods and planning ahead, can improve everyone’s health, and save them a bit of money in the process.

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