Dash of Love: Baking Cupcakes for Your Co-workers

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Office parties can be a lot of fun. Hanging out with coworkers after work with a few treats and perhaps an adult beverage? What’s not to like! If you want to bring the best treat to your company’s next holiday party, try cupcakes. Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite party favor, so make sure you know how to make the best batch for your next office get-together.

Take a Survey

Before you bake cupcakes for your entire office, make sure that you are aware of whether there are any allergies or food aversions. While you may not plan to make 75 gluten-free cupcakes, it is important to make just a few if some of your co-workers cannot eat gluten. Make note of vegan co-workers, and those with nut allergies. People always say that you can’t please everyone, but you want to do your best to make sure that the entire office gets a treat.

Baking in Bulk

A standard cupcake recipe makes around 24 cupcakes, but what about a batch of 75 or more? The answer is simple: measure twice, bake once by baking in bulk. You only have to heat the oven once, but you will need to make sure that you have enough baking pans to make more than a dozen cupcakes at a time. You will also need a few hours, at least, for this task – but it is well worth it in the end.

Creative Packaging

While some people are content to use standard paper cups for cupcakes, a little bit of pizzaz never hurt anyone. One cute way to serve cupcakes to your co-workers is in a cupcake box.  Some hold two to three cupcakes and look like the clear top containers served in stores, and others can look as wildly creative as a retro stove or a bird house. Use your imagination, and impress the entire office with your Pinterest magic.

Want to Show Off?

Bringing cupcakes to work not enough? You can take that extra step with a creative display instead of simply opening a glass container. Use traditional cake displays to house your homemade goodies. A typical cake tower will do, but an asymmetrical tree-like shape is a lot more fun. While you may want to bring a bit of fun into it, remember that some people are coming just for the cupcakes.

Tired? Call a Professional

Not all of us are ready or able to be as lovely and domestic as Martha Stewart. Don’t ever be ashamed of calling out for delicious cupcakes to share at the next office party. Order ahead at a local bakery for the type and number of cupcakes that you need, or for an even more convenient option, you can buy cupcakes online. These are just as easily customized for dietary restrictions and your cupcakes will be perfect every time.

We all love holiday parties, office parties, and any get-togethers with free treats. It is even better when these treats are as sweet as cupcakes. So grab the flour, impress your co-workers at the next office party: no one turns down cake at work!


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