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Although we are experiencing some challenges economically, this should not hinder us from enjoying everything that life has to offer. This includes having the pleasure of sharing good food with the people that matters to us. Something you need to take note of is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to serve an impressive gourmet dish. In actuality, it can be a great deal of fun to plan just the right meal, acquire all the items on your gourmet healthy grocery list and create an affair to remember through a scrumptious banquet.

An ideal meal starts with having the perfect menu plan. Make sure to thoroughly plan for the occasion. You need to have a clear understanding as to what appeals to your guests so you can cater to their needs. Knowing the traditional meal structure is no doubt very helpful, but you can use your imagination and personal touch to create a customized feast.

1. The Aperitif Stage
When expected guests start pouring in, and the meal is not yet ready, don’t panic. You need to serve something to them that will make waiting more pleasurable. This is where aperitifs come in. Not only will they permit guests to socialize with each other while waiting, but they also stimulate their appetite. Aim for wines that are fresh, young, and crisp. Steer clear of full-bodied reds because these are too intense at the start of the meal. When you want something else aside from wines, why not try vodka with a mixer or a gin and tonic? You can be more innovative and creative with some dry white wine, lemon juice, Perrier or a vermouth, and orange juice. Keep in mind that you need to keep it refreshing and light.

2. The Appetizer (Hors d’ Oeuvres) Stage
Hors d’ Oeuvres are also popularly known as finger foods. You don’t need to prepare something fancy. Better yet, try to serve something that is convenient and easy. Make sure to pick and choose gourmet and fresh ingredients. Make it a point to visit your local bakeshop to grab some freshly baked breads and pastries. You can also get some variety of cheeses and a handful of flat bread crackers.

3. The Main Course
This is probably considered the main event of the occasion. You need to be creative and be sensitive with the food preferences of your guests. Another thing that may help you decide on what to serve is to check out your local supermarket to find out what fresh vegetables are in season.

4. The Dessert Stage
If you have a sweet tooth, then dessert may your favorite part of the meal. Some well-known desserts are chocolate tart and carrot cakes, which you can keep fresh in the refrigerator and serve chilled.

5. The Digestif Finale
After enjoying yourselves and eating sweet treats, a bitter coffee can complete the meal. This is called the digestif. Aside from coffee, you also have several choices when it comes to digestifs. Some examples include fortified wine, grappa, and whiskey.

*Guest Post written by Melissa C.

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